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The Emerald Podcast Series speaks to experts from around the globe, using research to create real impact. Join our hosts Helen Beddow and Daniel Ridge as each episode we discuss the important topics in research at the moment, bringing that research to life.

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How global drug policy impacts women

Julia Buxton explores how and why drug policy is formed, and unravels the ways this plays out in the context of women’s lives – from the stigma and shame experienced by women involved in drugs to the challenges they face in accessing appropriate treatment and services...


Health and illness in the neoliberal era in Europe

This episode explains and explores the effects of neoliberalism on healthcare policy and practice, and on everyday experience of health and illness in Europe.


How to build a sustainable food enterprise and battle food poverty with The Larder

The Larder aims to tackle food poverty and promote food sustainability. In this episode, we talk with Kay Johnson about how The Larder was formed, it’s various projects and how these have been impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The future of work

2020 has been rough. How have companies adapted to the social and political climate of the last year to better serve consumers and employees?


The future of Knowledge Exchange: the role of KEF in developing ‘the third mission’

To understand more about KEF, we asked three knowledge exchange professionals to take us through the development of KEF’s first iteration, its role in helping universities understand their own performance and the implications for universities and researchers.


Gender in violence in war and armed conflict – is it more dangerous to be a woman?

This week we talk to Stacy Banwell, from the University of Greenwich, about her open access book, and how gendered assumptions of who ‘is dangerous’ and who is “in danger” obscure the realities of gender-based violence within and beyond the conflict zone.


Tattoos: from subculture to pop culture

Author Lee Barron joins us to discuss the place of tattoos in modern society and look at their changing status in popular culture.


The future of open research – How can we work together to create a common ground?

In this episode Daniel is joined by Glenn Hampson, founder and director of the Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI) to discuss alternative measures of impact, funding and the future of open research.


Openness, transparency and equity in open research

In this episode we’re joined by Shelley Allen, Emerald Publishing’s Head of Open Research, to discuss themes around openness, transparency and equity in open research.


The purpose-driven university

A purpose-driven university is one that deeply considers its impact on the communities and environment it is a part of. Author Debbie Haski-Leventhal discusses why universities should asses their purpose in order to have a positive effect on their students, faculty and society.


The fully functioning university in challenging times

We talk to Asher Rospigliosi from the University of Brighton about how universities should focus on their core missions – advancing knowledge, educating students and serving their communities – as they navigate their way through these challenges.


Revising the REF deadline: Research Excellence Framework 2021 and Covid-19

In March 2020, REF 2021 was put on hold due to the Coronavirus pandemic. We join Chris Hewson and Mark Taylor to explore the implications, and what this means for universities, funding and support staff.


BONUS: Class as a barrier in the publishing industry

We speak to Professor Katy Shaw, author of The Common People Report, to talk about the barriers that working-class writers experience and changes needed in the publishing industry.


Setting the playlist podcast series

Diversity is being asked to the party, inclusion is being asked to dance, equity is setting the playlist. This series focuses on gender equity and how women are setting the playlist. Hosted by Emerald North America Regional Manager, Erika Valenti.

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