Race, education & retirement
in professional football podcast

In this episode Helen is joined by Dr Paul Campbell (University of Leicester) to talk about his research into the experiences of retirement for black ex-professional footballers.

They explore the ways black footballers experience of professional football is different, from their experiences as working-class, black schoolboy footballers in education, the ways social networks form when they are players, the importance of these social networks in accessing to coaching and management roles to the impact of retirement on their sense of identity and masculinity, and on their mental, physical and financial health.

Speaker profile(s)

Dr Paul Ian Campbell is lecturer in Sociology at the University of Leicester. Paul's research focuses on race, community and identity in local and professional football. His first book, “Football, ethnicity and community” won the British Sociological Associations Philip Abrams prize in 2017. His latest book published by Emerald earlier this year is Education, retirement and career transitions for black ex-professional footballers: from being idolized to stacking shelves. You can find Paul on twitter @drpaulcampbell1 .

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In this episode:

  • How is the experience of retirement from professional football different for black players?
  • How does this impact on their sense of identity?
  • How do social networks determine post career management opportunities, and how is this complicated by race?
  • How did stereotypes around race show up in and impact on the education of ex-professional black players?
  • Does the professional game do enough to acknowledge racism in the game, and the ways the experience of professional football is different for black players?

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