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Quality education for all
Anti-racism and community colleges: best practices for inclusion, social justice, and liberation

In what ways can community colleges represent regional developments of anti-racism, inclusion, social justice, and liberation? Find out with anti-racism, equity, and inclusion consultants Pamela Felder-Small, Ph.D. and Sydney Freeman, Jr., Ph.D.

Responsible management
Greenwashing – an opportunity for us to identify what is needed to bring the smaller firms on board?

There has been much unhappiness, in writing and other forms of communication, towards the practice of greenwashing. Perhaps, we ought to take a different but not necessarily a lax or lenient view of greenwashing.

Responsible management
Is CSR greenwashing?

The mandatory CSR approach has given a lot of momentum to strategic CSR in India. What measures would enable companies to reap the maximum benefit? Also, how can CSR research inform policy and practice to achieve these objectives? When is CSR meaningful and when is it actually just greenwashing or SDG washing?

Quality education for all
Creating a more equitable learning experience through a block & blend pedagogy

As Universities consider their place as educators in the wake of the pandemic we all work to reimagine provision, reflect on the impact of the transition to online learning for our staff and what opportunities and challenges it provides as we emerge back onto a hybrid space.

Quality education for all
The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international higher education: critical reflections

Read some critical reflections from Professor Mok, on the impact that COVID-19 has had on higher education.

Quality education for all
Why we must support black doctors in nursing and public health

Pamela Felder-Small, Ph.D., Founder Black Doctorates Matter, states that increased representation of African American scholars in the fields of nursing and public health is critical to shaping the educational and socioeconomic conditions of historically marginalised communities.

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