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Fairer society
A new study kicks off – how hybrid-remote work challenges trust, collaboration, and fairness

Dr. Christine Ipsen, Dr. Kathrin Kirchner, and Dr. Kasper Edwards discuss how hybrid-remote work challenges trust, collaboration and fairness.

Quality education for all
Building an open research culture

When Emerald’s Head of Open Research, Shelley Allen, thinks about the future of publishing, she is positive – it is Open. But reflecting on Emerald’s Time for Change Report 2021, she calls attention to the challenges that must be overcome, and urges all stakeholders to play their part to fully progress open practices.

Quality education for all
Improving academic culture, a view from the publisher and from industry

Emerald's Sharon Parkinson and Goal Advisor for Healthier Lives Dr Zana Khan, reflect on what can be done to improve academic culture in the industry itself as well as by publishers.

Fairer society
How can we make editorial boards more diverse?

A perspective from Emerald Publishing by Sally Wilson, Publishing Director - There aren’t necessarily any quick fixes that will make editorial boards more diverse, but we must move forward regardless and mostly through less talk and more action.

Fairer society
What is preventing diversity on editorial boards?

Rania Sawalhi, Gonzalo Díaz Meneses, and Sombo Muzata share their thoughts of what is preventing diversity in editorial boards and what more can be done to make them more effective.

Quality education for all
Anti-racism and community colleges: best practices for inclusion, social justice, and liberation

In what ways can community colleges represent regional developments of anti-racism, inclusion, social justice, and liberation? Find out with anti-racism, equity, and inclusion consultants Pamela Felder-Small, Ph.D. and Sydney Freeman, Jr., Ph.D.

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