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You can publish open access in any of our journals through our gold, green and platinum routes.

If you have already published in a subscription journal and would like to make your paper open access, you can submit a request through our retrospective open access policy and follow the green open access, or self-archiving, route.

Green open access

Our green open access route offers all Emerald journal authors or book chapter authors the option to make their research immediately and openly available upon official publication, free from payment.

We are one of only a handful of publishers that doesn’t impose an embargo period.

Gold open access

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All articles published in our fully open access journals are published gold OA. Your article will undergo full peer review and you will be invoiced for the article processing charge (APC).

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Publish in a hybrid journal

You can choose to publish gold open access in any of our journals by indicating on the editorial system when you submit your paper.

Your article will undergo full peer review and you will be invoiced for the article processing charge (APC). We make sure that paying subscribers to the journal are not charged to access the open content.

Platinum open access

We publish platinum, also referred to as sponsored, open access journals in partnership with organisations such as universities and associations. There are no processing charges associated with these.

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Article processing charges

We have an article processing charge (APC) rate of £2,870/$3,874/€3,300 (plus VAT where applicable) for publishing in a hybrid journal or in the International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management. This covers the cost of turning a manuscript into a published article and disseminating to the widest audience.

For our new fully open access journals, APCs will be waived for manuscripts submitted in the first year. Thereafter the APC will be £1,250/$1,500/€1,438 (plus VAT) per article accepted. 

We determine the APC of our open access journals by benchmarking against comparable journals in the same or closely aligned research field and taking into account editorial, production, archiving and promotion values and costs.

ICE gold open access journal

Geotechnical Research

2024: £1,250/$1,500/€1,438 (plus VAT where applicable).

ICE Publishing hybrid journals

Publication name £ $
Géotechnique £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Magazine of Concrete Research £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Environmental Geotechnics £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Advances in Cement Research £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Geotechnical Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Structures and Buildings (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Engineering Sustainability (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Transport (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Geosynthetics International £1,970 $2,411 €2,256
Bioinspired, Biomimetic and Nanobiomaterials £1,757 $2,150 €2,012
Emerging Materials Research £1,757 $2,150 €2,012
Green Materials £1,757 $2,150 €2,012
Nanomaterials and Energy £1,757 $2,150 €2,012
Surface Innovations £1,757 $2,150 € 2,012
Bridge Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Ground Improvement (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Water Management (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Construction Materials (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Energy (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Engineering History and Heritage (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Forensic Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Management, Procurement and Law (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Municipal Engineer (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Urban Design and Planning (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Maritime Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Engineering and Computational Mechanics (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Waste and Resource Management (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Infrastructure Asset Management £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
International Journal of Physical Modelling in Geotechnics £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Journal of Environmental Engineering and Science £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Civil Engineering (Proceedings of the ICE) £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Smart Infrastructure and Construction £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Dams and Reservoirs £1,544 $1,889 € 1,768
Géotechnique Letters £692 $847 € 793

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