The future of open research – How can we work together to create a common ground? podcast

Guest Glenn Hampson, founder and director of the Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI), joins Daniel on this special OA week episode.  They discuss Glenn’s recently published policy document ‘Common ground in the global quest for open research’ and touch upon themes such as alternative measures of impact, funding and the future of open research.

Speaker profile(s)

Glenn Hampson is the founder and director of the Open Scholarship Initiative (OSI) – a diverse, inclusive, global network of high-level experts and stakeholder representatives working together with UNESCO to develop broadly accepted, comprehensive, sustainable solutions to the future of open scholarship that work for everyone everywhere.

Glenn is also the founder and executive director of the Science Communication Institute (SCI), a US-based nonprofit focused on improving the communication that happens inside science. Prior to OSI and SCI, Glenn served as a senior project manager and Institutional Review Board member with the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, a communications director with the University of Washington, the founder and president of Castle Pacific Publishing Company, managing editor and webmaster at the World Bank Group’s International Finance Corporation, associate editor for the Riverside Publishing Company, and a caseworker and field representative for the US House of Representatives.

He has authored, ghost-written and edited a number of books, founded and run several charities focusing on kids in need and the helping the homeless, and in his spare time, has run for public office, and served on several boards and community organisations. Glenn currently coaches youth baseball and basketball, and is an active school volunteer. He holds two undergraduate degrees, in history and physics/astronomy, from the University Washington, and a graduate degree in public administration from American University. Glenn lives in Seattle with his wife and 15-year-old son.

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In this episode:

  • What can we do about simplifying open and re-aligning incentives to make open more attractive?
  • You mention in your paper that we need to stop aligning our limited funding primarily behind one-size-fits-all solutions. Please could you expand on this?
  • What key areas do you think as a research community we need to focus on over the next 2-3 years if we want to see more development in the transition to open?
  • In your paper you touch upon the need to reform the use of impact factors. How as a research community do you think we can do this?
  • When asked about barriers to publishing open, researchers ranked ‘limits to funding and their institutions’ preference for them to publish in traditional outlets with a high impact. How do you see these barriers changing in the future and what part do we all play in facilitating open research?

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