Inequalities in mental health care for black communities podcast

We speak to Karen Carberry, consultant Family Therapist at Orri and Dr Ted Ransaw, from Michigan State University about inequalities in mental healthcare for black communities. They are co-editors, alongside Richard Majors, of the recently published International Handbook of Black Community Mental Health which takes a holistic, solutions-focussed approach to mental health care practice for black communities.

Speaker profile(s)

Karen Carberry is a Black British Family and Systems Psychotherapist, and is a Consultant Family Therapist at Orri, which provides Specialist Day Treatment for Eating Disorders. She has also managed several family centres and contact centres for divorced/estranged parents and their children and has extensive clinical specialism in working with all parties affected by adoption. 

Dr Ted Ransaw is a K-12 Outreach Specialist at the College of Education and a Faculty member of African and African American Studies at Michigan State University.  Ted’s research explores concepts of black male identity in educational contexts. 

Ted and Karen, alongside Richard Majors, are co-editors the recently published International Handbook of Black Community Mental Health.

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In this episode:

  • How systematic racism in the education system, criminal justice system and healthcare system contributes to the overrepresentation of black people in our mental healthcare systems
  • The lived experience of everyday racism and how that contributes to mental health
  • The experience of black mental health professionals working in mental healthcare
  • The impact of COVID-19 on the mental health of black communities

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