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Real Impact Awards

Our Real Impact Awards celebrate the commitment to impact by the research community across the globe.

We seek to celebrate those that place impact at the top of their agenda and work in collaboration with others to achieve their goals.

The Real Impact Awards aim to:

  • Raise the profile of those that have placed real impact at the top of their agenda
  • Recognise innovative approaches to impact
  • Celebrate interdisciplinary research
  • Close the loop between research and practice
  • Tell the real impact success stories and showcase those driving the debate

Winners of Driving the Impact Agenda

Knowledge Translation Team
Melbourne Children's Centre for Community Child Health, Australia

Sue West, Ken Knight, Vikki Leone, Melanie Barwick

What made this team worthy winners:

  • They established the Melbourne Children’s Knowledge Translation and Research Impact Project, an ongoing programme of organisational change.
  • Their commitment to impact is based on collaboration, mutual trust and a shared goal to improve child health.
  • They help parents and decision-makers understand and apply the best evidence to promote children’s health and development.
  • They are transforming the way research is conducted and applied in practice.
  • They are creating a culture that values, rewards and embeds research impact.

Winner of Developing a Focus on Lifecycle Approaches to Impact

Professor Natalia Kucirkova,
University of Stavanger, Norway and University College London, UK

Natalia Kucirkova

What made Professor Kucirkova a worthy winner:

  • Professor Kucirkova is dedicated to the development of educational resources that impact children’s lives.
  • Her commitment to impact resulted in an app that helps children to author their own digital books.
  • She is one of 17 influential thought leaders at the intersection of child development and technology.
  • Her focus on impact has directed her to involve stakeholders at all stages of the research cycle.
  • She founded the UKLA Children's Digital Book Award which has raised awareness of key quality indicators in children’s digital reading and influenced teachers’ attitudes about children’s reading on screen.

Winner of the Mobilising Research into Action

Dr Hannah Bows,
Durham University, UK

Dr Hannah Bows

What made Professor Bows a worthy winner:

  • Dr Hannah Bows is driven by an ambition to close the loop between research and practice.
  • She produced the first (and currently only) national data on elderly homicide and sexual offences against older women.
  • She has brought attention to the issue of sexual violence against older women and improved victim support.
  • Her work has helped to increase the number of older people accessing support services
  • Her research has influenced policy, improved support services, and raised awareness about sexual violence against older women.
Real Impact Awards Showcase 2019

Real Impact Awards Showcase

All 2019 finalists and winners are featured in the Real Impact Awards Showcase book. This includes a case study, telling the story of impact commitment, written by Emerald Editors.

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