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Article withdrawal & correction

Your published work is considered a permanent version of record. Follow our guidelines if you need to edit or withdraw your work. 

General principles

We believe in protecting the integrity of our content and the role publishers play in scholarly discussion. The articles and book chapters we publish are considered to be the 'version of record'; the permanent bibliographic 'minutes' of academic research. This version of record can only be edited, changed or withdrawn with good reason.

Withdrawal of an article

We follow the principles outlined in the International Federation of Library Associations (IFLA)/International Publishers’ Association (IPA) joint statement on retraction or removal of journal articles from the web.

These make it clear that an article or chapter may only be removed from a publisher’s database if it:

  • Infringes professional ethical codes such as the violation of the privacy of a research subject.
  • Is subject to legal dispute.
  • Includes the identification of false or inaccurate data that, if acted upon, would pose a serious health risk.

We retain the appropriate bibliographical citation of the removed content wherever possible (unless subject to legal dispute).

Correction notices

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Author policies

We have a series of author policies on your rights, permissions, originality or pre-prints.

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Publishing ethics guidelines

Make sure you have followed our publishing ethics guidelines before you submit. 

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