The extinction curve

Authors of The Extinction Curve: Growth and Globalisation in the Climate Endgame, John van der Velden and Rob White argue that the climate crisis is happening now and they are proposing a radical solution to alter the global warming trajectory: democratic nationalisation. How has green capitalism failed and what does this alternative provide? Is it really too late to stop global warming?

Speaker profiles

John van der Velden is an independent socialist writer living in Canberra, Australia. He was a national convenor, on behalf of the Non-Aligned Caucus, in the initial multi-party Socialist Alliance. He writes on matters of political economy, class structure and the climate emergency.

Rob White is Distinguished Professor of Criminology at the University of Tasmania, Australia. Considered a pioneer in the field of green criminology, he has particular interest in transnational environmental crime and eco-justice. His published books include Crimes Against Nature (2008), Transnational Environmental Crime (2011), Environmental Harm (2013) and Climate Change Criminology (2018).

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  • What does the science tell us about the rate of global warming? 
  • What are the key features of capitalism that make it a key cause of global heating?
  • What is democratic nationalisation and why is this essential to dealing with climate change? 

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