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We are passionate about working with researchers globally to deliver a fairer, more inclusive society. This perhaps has never been more important than in today’s divided world.

So, our goal as a leading publisher of impactful research is to help create a society that is just, inclusive and embracing of all without any barriers to participation based on sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, ethnicity, age, class or ability, where there is access to healthcare and education, technology, justice, strong institutions, peace and security, social protection, decent work and housing. 

Jen McCall, Publishing Development Manager, Fairer society

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Women & the pandemic

Women have been disproportionately affected by COVID-19, with existing divides exposed and exacerbated by the crisis. Read/watch our latest research, blogs and videos...

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Stepping up to level up

As a publisher, we’ve seen a 35% decline in research from female researchers in early-stage roles during the pandemic and we hope those that can will offer support. So, we’re stepping up to help level up...

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Fairer society

A new deal for women

Marcia Texler Segal & Vasilikie (Vicky) Demos – discuss how the pandemic has revealed a number of gaps in the social structure, and a new deal, or social policy, is called for.

Fairer society

Work, family, and women’s rights during the pandemic

Chika Shinohara, St. Andrew’s University, Osaka, Japan – talks about the fact that, despite being time-poor and sleep-deprived, women have been standing up for their rights during the pandemic.

Fairer society

Women in academia & the COVID-19 pandemic: challenges, opportunities & what comes next

Seham Ghalwash – Research Manager at the School of Business at the American University in Cairo (AUC) – talks about finding opportunity in times of hardship.

Fairer society

Women entrepreneurs and networking during COVID-19

COVID-19 has, for the most part, resulted in the cancellation of traditional face-to-face, large-scale networking events, with an immediate transfer to virtual/digital platforms. This could be particularly detrimental to women entrepreneurs and the networks they have established.

Fairer society

Barriers to women’s social and political active participation

COVID-19, violence, division, the Israeli foreign occupation impose new challenges and serious barriers to effective women’s engagement and community participation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory.

Fairer society

The direct influence of COVID-19 on women

Meltem Ince Yenilmez - Department of Economics, Yaşar Üniversitesi, Izmir, Turkey discusses the negative impact that the COVID-19 pandemic is having on women.


News & press

Below we have a collection of news articles centred around aspects of a fairer society.

Fairer society

Emerald Publishing steps up to tackle decline in research output from women in research during Covid pandemic

To mark International Women’s Day, Emerald Publishing has launched a support network through its Engage platform to help women in research overcome the challenges in conducting research that have been exacerbated through the Covid pandemic.

Fairer society

Gender equality: progress has slowed for women academics

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Jennifer Charlson, Senior Lecturer at the University of Wolverhampton, calls attention to how the Covid-19 pandemic has uniquely affected women, and specifically women academics. On a hopeful note, she shares her efforts as an Athena Swan Lead to support and transform gender equality within higher education and research.

Fairer society

Happy International Women's Day 2021: women in supply chain management

The idea of an International Women’s day was first introduced at a meeting in Copenhagen, Denmark in 1910. Back then, the discussion had a substantial and close connection to revolutionary activities and therefore also to class

Quality education for all
Fairer society

Deadline extended for the hidden REF competition

Entrants to the hidden REF competition now have until May to enter their submissions. The extension comes in response to the ongoing UK lockdown and...

Fairer society
Quality education for all

Interdisciplinary Research Project: gender equality & democracy in Morocco

This project was the winner of the first Emerald Interdisciplinary Research Fund Award. The project, aligned specifically to the UN SDG Goal 5 on...

Fairer society
Healthier lives

One size does not fit all: customising the technology needs and wants of an aging society

Author: Johanna L. H. Birkland, Assistant Professor of Communication, Bridgewater College. For a truly technologically ‘inclusive’ society, technology...


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I’m the Publishing Development Manager for A Fairer Society, working across Emerald’s publishing programs for SDG-related research focussed on building a just and inclusive society. I am also responsible for Emerald’s Open Research Gateway for The Digital World.  

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