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Previous Literati Award winners return to share how their research has made a real impact on society.

The Emerald Literati Awards launched over 25 years ago, championing high-quality scholarly research pieces from across the world. Since then, we have celebrated thousands of our authors for their outstanding research work.

In 2020, we invited previous Literati winners to submit details on how their research has since evolved and what has changed.

We wanted to recognise the end impact of their research since it was first published, and in doing so, demonstrate tangible stories of real impact, and how research is playing such a key role in delivering change towards our SDG-aligned goals: Fairer society, Healthier lives, Responsible management and Quality education for all.

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Real impact looks like this...

Of the 50 entries submitted, four case studies stood out; their stories are featured here.


Giving emergency service responders better access to mental health support following major incidents

Programmes to identify emergency service responders in need of mental health support are limited. However, more staff in UK police forces are now set to get the help they need, following swift action on new research.

Aligned to our responsible management goal


More independence for disabled young people

Developments in artificial intelligence powered technologies and sensor-based machine learning are growing in their technical capabilities. UK researchers are applying these innovations to wheelchair design, offering more disabled people hope of independent mobility.

Aligned to our healthier lives goal…

Creating a society that is just, inclusive and embracing of all

Researchers in Texas, USA, hope to move the dial on gender equality by working with policymakers to make decisions that are grounded in evidence and robust data.

Aligned to our fairer society goal…

Facilitating students’ capabilities to maximise their career prospects

Researchers in Sydney, Australia, are teaching students creative techniques to boost their learning and professional development during placement.

Aligned to our quality education for all goal…

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Real Impact Awards

The Real Impact Awards recognise the research community’s efforts to make a difference. We celebrate those that place impact at the top of their agenda and work in collaboration with others to achieve their goals.

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