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Find out about obtaining permission to reuse or republish our content.

Reuse a journal, chapter or case study

Our online permissions clearance service is delivered through the Copyright Clearance Center’s Marketplace. This service provides a highly efficient, real time service to clear permission for the reuse, distribution or republication of our copyrighted materials.

The quick way to clear permissions

It is your responsibility to check that the material you want to use is owned by us. If you want to reuse a figure or table, you must check there are no copyright lines which indicate otherwise. 

  1. Locate the abstract of the content you wish to reuse on Emerald Insight
  2. Click on the ‘ Permissions’ link 
  3. Continue through the process at the Copyright Clearance Centre Marketplace website.

If we do not hold the copyright of an article, the link will not appear and you will not be able to clear permission through Marketplace. For permission to reuse this content, you will need to contact the copyright holder directly.

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Reuse content from a book

You can make your request through the Copyright Clearance Center’s Marketplace or the Publishers’ Licensing Service's platform, PLSClear.

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Publishing an article with another STM publisher

We are a member of the International Association of Scientific, Technical and Medical Publishers (STM) permissions guidelines agreement. If you are publishing with a publisher on the STM permissions guidelines list and wish to reuse our content, you do not need to clear permission, providing that it falls within the guidelines.

Collective licences

If your organisation holds a valid licence with the Copyright Licensing AgencyCopyright Clearance Center or The Copyright Agency you may copy our content as per the terms outlined in your licence.

Permission queries

Visit Copyright Clearance Center’s Marketplace if you have any questions about the permissions process, or if you are unable to find the title or type of use you need.

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Publishing permissions

As the author, you are responsible for getting written permission to use any material in your manuscript that has been created by a third party and for covering any related fees.


Permissions, rights and licensing

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