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Purpose driven innovation

Purpose-driven Innovation

Purpose-Driven Innovation is the first book to set out how change management models work in practice in the context of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), an essential primer for all organizations, small and large, public or private, within and outside of the United Nations in the wake of crisis.
The Emerald Handbook of Multi-Stakeholder Communication

The Emerald Handbook of Multi-Stakeholder Communication

Gathers an international, multidisciplinary team of experts to explore effective brand messaging for multiple stakeholders, utilizing a diverse array of theoretical and methodological approaches that cumulatively present an up-to-date overview of the whole field.
Wellness Culture

Wellness Culture

Traces the emergence of wellness culture as a trillion-dollar industry, situating the wellness industry in a historical and cultural context, examining how the internet has altered our relationship to wellness and the popular assumption that the internet has democratised knowledge and culture.
The Impactful Academic

The Impactful Academic

For many academics, impact poses a worrisome proposition. Impact has not generally been integrated into PhD training and many universities have been slow to respond to the emerging impact agenda. Wade Kelly offers a holistic, all-of-career approach to impact aimed at active researchers and those who support research impact.
Covid, Brexit and The Anglosphere

Covid, Brexit and The Anglosphere

With fresh thinking, Covid, Brexit and The Anglosphere equips academics, students policymakers and general readers with the tools to drive growth in a post-Pandemic post- Brexit fragmenting world order facing rapidly advancing technical change.

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