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What comes after research? Exploring how innovation outcomes can generate real impact for practice, market and society

European Journal of Innovation Management
The Special Issue attracts contributions that identify the drivers of innovation to understand the real impact of new solutions for the transformation of market and society.
Guest editor(s)
Orlando Troisi, Mara Grimaldi, Ilda Maria Coniglio,

Architecture and Technology: Challenges and Opportunities

Open House International: Sustainable & Smart Architecture and Urban Studies
Architecture and Technology: Challenges and Opportunities, is aimed at addressing the pivotal role of technology in the past, present, and future of all or any building activity.
Guest editor(s)
Dr Suha Jaradat, Dr Shaji K. Panicker, Carl Mills, Dr Inji Kenawy,

Triple Capital Accounting for facilitating ESG reporting and decision-making process in both private and public sector

Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change
Accounting principles play a crucial role in acting as a universally recognized business language, enabling firms to effectively communicate financial and economic information to its stakeholders...
Guest editor(s)
Consantin Zopounidis, Nikolaos Sariannidis, Alexandros Garefalakis, Konstantina Ragazou,

Worker’s Health in Hybrid Work Settings

International Journal of Workplace Health Management
This special issue explores the health impacts of hybrid workplaces and settings on knowledge workers, emphasizing ergonomics, psychological effects, and promoting inclusive, health-focused cultures.
Guest editor(s)
Marko Orel,

Investing in a Climate-Resilient World: The Role of Finance in the Climate Solution

Review of Accounting and Finance
Investing in a climate-resilient world holds paramount significance in our era. Climate change is no longer a distant concern; it is a present reality with tangible consequences for our environment...
Guest editor(s)
Sabri Boubaker, Khanh Hoang, Cuong Nguyen,

Artificial Intelligence and Finance: Modern Approaches and Implications

China Finance Review International
Artificial intelligence (AI) is becoming an increasingly important tool for fund managers, CFOs, regulators, traders, investors, and entrepreneurs. The generative AI revolution that started with the...
Guest editor(s)
Michael Gofman, Zhao Jin,

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