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Advancing Sustainability Reporting in SMEs: Challenges and Opportunities in the Modern Landscape

Journal of Global Responsibility
The aim of this Special Issue is to explore the impact of digitalization on sustainability reporting practices, with a particular focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).
Guest editor(s)
Giuseppe Nicolò, Nicola Raimo, Paolo Tartaglia Polcini, Filippo Vitolla,

Healthcare and Humanitarian Supply Chains in Africa

Journal of Humanitarian Logistics and Supply Chain Management
The special issue aims to explore and showcase cutting-edge research on emerging trends in healthcare and humanitarian supply chains in Africa.
Guest editor(s)
Marcus Ambe, Mary Kibuine, Peterson Obara Magutu, Micheline Naude, Hossein Zarei,

Digital Sustainability

International Journal of Innovation Science
To approach the set of global changes that interlink digital transition objectives and structural changes involving the social, economic, technological and environmental domains.
Guest editor(s)
Rodrigo Cortopassi Goron Lobo, Jose Carlos Pereira de Morais, Fernando Almeida, José Duarte Santos,

Understanding and addressing Mental Health Inequalities in the UK and US

Journal of Public Mental Health
This special issue is being led by New York University and University of Strathclyde to seek articles on mental health inequalities in the UK and North America. We would welcome original research...
Guest editor(s)
Lee Knifton, Neil Quinn, Victoria Stanhope,

Artificial Intelligence in Entrepreneurship

International Journal of Entrepreneurial Behavior & Research
This special issue aims to explore various ways AI influences entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial decision-making processes and outcomes, and the potential opportunities and challenges these...
Guest editor(s)
Dr Md Imtiaz Mostafiz, Professor Mathew Hughes, Dr Farhad Uddin Ahmed, Dr Nazha Gali, Dr Boyka Simeonova,

Sustainability, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Corporate Governance in Emerging Economies

Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting
The Journal of Financial Reporting and Accounting invites submissions for a special issue focused on the intersection of sustainability, corporate social responsibility (CSR), and corporate governance...
Guest editor(s)
Dr. Hala Zaidan, Prof. Khaled Hussainey,

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