Our goal for healthier lives

We understand the importance of a world that recognises and protects the most vulnerable and acknowledges the importance of a healthy mind as well as a healthy body. Our ethos is one of equity and helping researchers move beyond the restrictions of traditional subject disciplines.

We aim to support the work and respond to the needs of researchers, practitioners, policy-makers, service users and their families and carers by bridging the gap that can exist between research and practice and different disciplines to achieve good physical and mental health. Focusing on the social and economic factors that contribute to good health (including no poverty or hunger, clean air, water and sanitation, shelter, universal healthcare and the reduction of health inequalities), we aim to help research influence real world change in people’s health and wellbeing.

Martin Whiteford, Publishing development manager, Healthier lives.

Our goals: Fairer society | Healthier lives | Responsible management | Quality education for all

If you're an author, researcher, or someone who cares as much as we do, we would love to work with you, and help your research to bring about healthier lives for all. Get in touch.

Our goal to achieve healthier lives

We champion research that promotes more equitable access to health interventions and health systems, and thereby influences real world change in people’s health and well-being.


Caring for an ageing population

The ageing population of 65 and over is continually rising and presenting various global challenges. Read/watch our latest research, blogs, video and infographic.

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Calls for papers

Browse the latest calls for papers in the area of healthier lives.

Frictions in drug control: prescription opioids, prohibition and consumption cultures in Africa
Background The misuse of prescription opioids, though a global public health and social policy issue, is framed in different ways in different parts of the world. In North America, the problem is…
The intersection of social work, substance use and mental health
Background Currently, many of the interventions and responses to dual diagnosis are health focused on psychological interventions. This special issue will highlight how social work can contribute to…
Healthcare and Real Estate
Overview of special issue The demand for healthcare facilities has been growing at an exponential rate in recent years, covering a wide range of properties from the specialist and non-specialist…
Leadership strategy and culture in healthcare disability services
Overview of special issue Whilst the whole health sector is grappling with change, especially since the COVID-19 pandemic, there has also been a major reconfiguration of the disability sector,…
Leadership development in healthcare
Background and Rationale for the Special Issue: Healthcare leaders are responsible not only for the financial viability of their organizations but also for the health of patients, the satisfaction…
Addiction Recovery Stories
We are seeking contributors for a new feature, Addiction Recovery Stories, which will be published (subject to review) in the journal Advances in Dual Diagnosis. The series is being curated by Lisa…
Applications of Virtual Reality in Autism Research
Guest editors: Sarune Savickaite, Tom Arthur, Elliot Millington, Emma Hayashibara, Tammy-Ann Husselman, Rebecca Taylor   Immersive technologies like virtual- and augmented-reality are proposed to…
Designing Enabling Technologies for Marginalised Groups
This special issue of the Journal of Enabling Technologies will focus on the design of technologies to remove barriers and improve outcomes for marginalised groups. By marginalised groups, we refer…
Advancing Integrated Care with Digital Health Innovation
Guest Editors Carolyn Steele Gray, [email protected] Nick Guldemond, [email protected] Jordi Piera Jiménez, [email protected] Irina Efimenko, [email protected]   The interest…
Recent developments in the assessment, management and treatment of psychopathy
Journal of Criminology Research, Policy and Practice invites submissions for a special issue on new theoretical and practical developments in the assessment, management and treatment of psychopathy.…

Opinion & blogs

We welcome contributions from academics, policymakers and professionals about key issues in their area of work. If you have a blog you would like to share, let us know.

Healthier lives

There’s nothing pedestrian about being a pedestrian: Designing spaces to encourage walking in later life

Over the last five decades, we have heard an increasing amount about the abuse and neglect of adults at risk. Safeguarding processes and procedures have been built around a range of identified types of abuse.

Healthier lives

Refurbishment as a lever for improving the social and emotional wellbeing of older people living in sheltered housing

Relationship building is key to identifying changes to resident health and early intervention can lead to healthier residents and better care.

Healthier lives

Who's to blame for adult abuse? Recognising the structural discrimination

Over the last five decades, we have heard an increasing amount about the abuse and neglect of adults at risk. Safeguarding processes and procedures have been built around a range of identified types of abuse.

Healthier lives

Locked down by inequality: Why place matters for older people during COVID-19

Older people have borne the brunt of deaths from COVID-19, whether in hospital or in care homes and the full scale of related changes will not be known for some time. For now, it is evident that the coronavirus emergency sits alongside a crisis in many of the communities in which older people live.

Healthier lives

COVID-19 and deprivation: levelling upstream

Michael Calnan (University of Kent) and Tom Douglass (University of Ulster) discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the last decade of deteriorating public health, stalling life expectancies, and widening inequalities in England.

Healthier lives

Live and let die? Laissez-faire responses to the pandemic exacerbated unequal health usage

William Foley, European University Institute discusses the unequal impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on income, wealth and health, and the correlation of this with the intensity of governmental responses.


News & press

Below we have a collection of news articles centred around aspects of healthier lives.

Fairer society
Healthier lives

Why mental health services are failing people of colour in the UK

Counselling psychologist Dr Richard Majors talks candidly about racism towards Black mental health professionals and the impact racism has on mental health services for the Black community, particularly Black Males.

Fairer society
Healthier lives

One size does not fit all: customising the technology needs and wants of an aging society

Author: Johanna L. H. Birkland, Assistant Professor of Communication, Bridgewater College. For a truly technologically ‘inclusive’ society, technology...

Healthier lives

Emerald achieves Silver at Mind’s Workplace Wellbeing Awards

Emerald has been recognised at an awards ceremony for its commitment to workplace wellbeing. Emerald was one of 103 organisations to take part in Mind...

Fairer society
Healthier lives

The evolving digital divide: from the first to the third level

At the early stage of research on the digital divide, access to the Internet and ownership of ICTs was seen both by scholars and by policy makers as the most crucial factor. The possibilities for an individual to access and use the Internet are at the base of the first level of digital divide.

Fairer society
Healthier lives

International Day of Disabled Persons

For research to have real impact, it must be inclusive – shaped by diverse voices at every stage.

Healthier lives

British Food Journal’s 120th anniversary coincides with World Food Day

Bingley, UK Tuesday 16 October 2018 - The British Food Journal (BFJ) has chosen World Food Day, 16 October - with its theme of 'Our actions are our...


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Martin Whiteford

I’m the Publishing development manager for Healthier Lives, working across Emerald’s publishing programmes for SDG-aligned research on improving health and wellbeing. I also support researchers and institutions in open research publishing, with responsibility for Emerald’s Open Research Gateway for Healthier Lives. 

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Dr Zana Khan – Goal advisor

Dr Zana Khan is a recognised leader in the emerging field of inclusion health, particularly as it relates to the role of interprofessional education (IPE). Dr Khan is committed to promoting the UN SDGs and advocating for research with real-world impact. She is based at UCL, which is ranked 8th in the 2022 QS World University Rankings, and is also the lead GP for the South London and Maudsley (SLAM) Hospital Pathway Homelessness Team .