Our goal for responsible management 

We aim to champion researchers, practitioners, policymakers and organisations who share our goals of contributing to a more ethical, responsible and sustainable way of working. Where institutions recognise that governance should be just, lawful and built on ethical and sustainable practices, we will work with them to facilitate the real impact of what they do. We look forward to working with institutions that lead with integrity and are underpinned by robust management systems, and that are educating future leaders across all industries.

If this aligns with your institution’s vision, and if you’re passionate about decent work for all that doesn’t discriminate or cause harm to economies, communities or resources, then we want to support you in ensuring your work reaches a wide audience with real-world impact.

Jo Jones, Publishing Development Manager, Responsible Management.  

Our goals: Fairer society | Healthier lives | Responsible management | Quality education for all

If you would like to know more or see your work shared here with the wider community, please do get in touch with Jo Jones. Get in touch.


Our goal for responsible management

We want to work with others who share our goal of contributing to a more ethical, responsible and sustainable way of working.

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CSR or just greenwashing?

How do we know when companies are serious about environmental and societal impact? How far do they go to ensure sustainability? What happens when we lose trust in environmental claims? 

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Responsible leadership

Responsible leaders take business decisions that consider all stakeholders; they examine both sustainability and equitability, and learn from the communities they serve.  

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Calls for papers

Browse the latest calls for papers in the area of responsible management.

Call for Papers - International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management
The International Journal of Climate Change Strategies and Management (IJCCSM) is welcoming the submission of papers.  In the history of science there have been few issues which have mobilized the…
Smart Sustainable Supply Chains for Improved Environmental Quality Management
Overview of special issue This special issue aims to attract the research community working in the area of sustainability to present their research on one or more of the aims. Though, the…
Call for Critical Reflection Papers
As one of the leading journals in our field, IJCHM communicates the latest developments and thinking on the management of hospitality and tourism businesses worldwide. To serve our readership in a…
Navigating the role of circular economy in entrepreneurship: Opportunities and challenges
Entrepreneurship growth is continuously tied to improving the economy of the country, society, and the people (Schiavone et al., 2020). Entrepreneurship contains enterprising and opportunity for…
A strategic perspective on flexibility, agility and adaptability in the digital era
Background Companies today are facing the fourth Industrial Revolution, often named Industry 4.0, characterized by the emergence of transformational digital technologies and applications, such as…
Happiness and corporate social responsibility: the role of organizational culture and consumers in a sustainable economy
Introduction People have always been interested in happiness. At first, the scientific discussion seemed to be reserved for philosophy. In contrast, other scientific disciplines have started to be…
Inequalities in Entrepreneurship Opportunities: the intersectionality of contexts, situatedness, positionalities and identities
Background This special issue reopens the debate on Inequalities in Entrepreneurship Opportunities by providing a space for a dialogue between established intersectionality theories and the emerging…
Ethical Consumption and Climate Change in Hospitality and Tourism: Challenges, Solutions, and Prospects
Following the Glasgow COP26 climate change summit, nations committed themselves to further speed up their decarbonization strategies, but also provide a new improved framework for a global carbon…
Education and Training for Construction 4.0
Submission window opens on ScholarOne: 12 November 2021 Submission window closes: 4 August 2022 Overview of special issue The construction industry workforce skills needed are evolving under the 4th…
Call for short papers: 38th EGOS Colloquium WU Vienna, Austria, July 7-9 2022 - Global Challenges: An Interdisciplinarity View on the Role of MNEs
Submission of Short Papers* Information on Hybrid subthemes Convenors: Mike Geppert Friedrich Schiller University Jena, Germany [email protected] Christoph Dörrenbächer Berlin School of…

Responsible management gateway

This gateway sits on our open access platform, Emerald Open Research. All research published within the gateway is freely available to read, download and share.

About this gateway

This gateway aims to champion thought leadership by being both a critic and supporter of responsible management research, knowledge exchange and education.

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Sustainable food systems gateway

This gateway sits on our open access platform, Emerald Open Research. All research published within the gateway is freely available to read, download and share.


About this gateway

This gateway aims to address scientific, sociological, political and economic challenges around sustainable food systems to offer solutions for development and drive change.

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Opinions & blogs

We welcome contributions from academics, policymakers and professionals about key issues in their area of work. If you have a blog you would like to share, let us know.

Responsible management

Greenwashing – an opportunity for us to identify what is needed to bring the smaller firms on board?

Kevin Phun describes how research into greenwashing could help us to understand some of the gaps in implementation, find ways to improve initiatives, and identify best practice.

Responsible management

Is CSR greenwashing?

Sapna A Narula discusses how strategic CSR is evolving in India, and suggests ways that companies can address CSR initiatives that are meaningful and not just greenwashing.

Responsible management

When will we balance profits with the planet and its people?

Independent thinker James Ring, former CEO of the Limerick Chamber, asks if we’re the generation that’s too greedy to action the changes required to balance profit with the planet.

Responsible management

How to create COVID-19 recovery in Latin America via sustainability efforts

Maria Alejandra Gonzalez-Perez, Mahmoud Mohieldin, G. Tomas M. Hult, & Juan Velez-Ocampo discuss how sustainability efforts can aid COVID-19 recovery in Latin America.

Fairer society
Responsible management

The COVID-19 pandemic and the tourism industry: the future of a new industry or its end?

Maximiliano Korstanje, Senior Researcher in the Department of Economics, University of Palermo, Argentina - discusses the the impact that COVID-19 has on the future of tourism

Healthier lives
Responsible management

Getting help to those who need it in a pandemic: addressing the challenges of humanitarian supply chain operations

Denise DP Thompson – John Jay College of Criminal Justice – talks about the need for strategic thinking on pandemic humanitarian supply chains and logistics


News & press

Below we have a collection of news articles centred around aspects of responsible management.

Responsible management

Small-holding farmers and exploitative role of intermediaries

Agriculture is the world's largest industry, employing more than one billion people. It’s always been at the heart of development, human wellbeing, and it is central to economic growth. Within the agriculture sector role of smallholding farmers is very crucial in terms of food security, reducing poverty, and addressing different dimensions of sustainability (economic, social, and ecological).

Fairer society
Responsible management

Race: accounting must make up the numbers

Dr Anton Lewis, Associate Professor of Accounting at Valparaiso University in Indiana, is interviewed by Emerald editor Rebecca Torr about the endemic...

Responsible management

Your career; your future

Author: Dr. Julia Ivy is a strategy and international business executive professor and faculty director for the MS in International Business at...

Fairer society
Responsible management

Lives, livelihoods and progress

Author: Kathryn Pierce Kathryn Pierce is Founder of Somewhere, a new LGBTQ+ social enterprise, co-authoring LGBTQI+ Entrepreneurs: It’s Everybody’s...

Fairer society
Responsible management

Gender and entrepreneurship research: a lot done, more to do?

By Professor Lene Fossolette- Jönköping University, Professor Colette Henry- Dundalk Insitute of Technology & Professor Kate Lewis- Manchester...

Fairer society
Responsible management

Survey data highlights imbalances in workplace experiences, depending on age, ethnicity, gender, and geographic location

New York, US and Bingley, UK, 26 September - The Workplace Equity Project (WE) today released “Global Voices for Workplace Equity: Findings from the...


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