Using the Account Management Portal

A tool for administrators to manage all Emerald Insight resources

Discover how the Account Management Portal (AMP) can be used to view all account information in one place.

As the administrator for your Emerald resources, you can use the AMP to view current subscriptions and purchased collections, access usage data and reports, check authentication settings and manage your account details.

Register as the administrator on the AMP

  • To access the AMP, first you need to register a personal profile.
  • After creating a profile, you then need to contact [email protected] so that your user profile can be linked to your account.

When you login using your user profile, you will be given the option to proceed as a user or as the administrator.


Accessing and using the AMP

Watch our video demonstration on accessing and using the AMP on Emerald Insight, or use our written guide below.

You will also find guidance on authentication routes, content discovery and accessing COUNTER usage reports.

Off-campus access

For information on ensuring remote user access is maintained, please visit our Customer support portal. For any additional assistance, please email [email protected]

How to use the AMP

Our quick reference guide is designed to help administrators get the most out of the institutional administration area of our Emerald Insight research platform.


  • Two-factor authentication, and managing your 2FA devices
  • Using the Account Management Portal
  • Organisation details, and authentication details
  • Holdings, and COUNTER reports

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