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Authoring, editing & reviewing

We've collated all our guidance on how to write for, edit or review academic publications

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Authoring, editing & reviewing 'how to' guides

Ensure your article is highly downloaded

What you can do prior to submission

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Edit a multi-authored volume

Consider a new direction as a volume editor

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Use the Harvard reference system

All about the Harvard reference system, and how to use it

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Write a book review

Write an entertaining and readable book review

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Publish a journal article

A step-by-step guide to journal submission

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Structure your journal submission

Learn about the building blocks that are used to construct a journal article 

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Write a literature review

Why, and how to, write a literature review

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Make your research easy to find with SEO

Optimise your content for search engines

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Write an article abstract

Prepare and write article and conference paper abstracts

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Proofread your manuscript

Top ten tips for effective proofreading

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Publishing tips for non-native English speakers

General guidance and resources

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Write a teaching case study

Specific style and formatting requirements for case studies

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Write a teaching note

How to create an effective teaching note

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