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Thought leadership

Presenting different views and opinions and raising awareness on matters that are important to all involved in research.

We believe our role is to help challenge conventional ways of thinking. This is why each of the campaigns below address key challenges facing society today, while bringing communities together to share knowledge and foster the kind of debate that leads to change.

International Women’s Day banner

Inspiring inclusion

Efforts to recognise the extraordinary acts of women globally and encourage a greater momentum towards gender equality worldwide are crucial if progress is to continue.

So, for International Women’s Day 2024, we will be showing our support, helping to forge a better, more inclusive world for women, as well as encouraging our communities to invest in women.

In this campaign, you'll find:

  • Thought-provoking content, helping to drive change
  • Topical articles, case studies, and books
  • Initiatives we have in place to inspire inclusion as an employer.
Power of diverse voices

The power of diverse voices

Now, more than ever, we believe that research is most impactful when a diverse range of voices are included. How can we all turn the tide on inequity and create an academic ecosystem that is inclusive of all and benefits all.

In this campaign, you’ll find:

  • Global inclusivity report – shining a light on inclusion, the issues facing our communities, and the actions we can all take to create a fairer society.
  • Indigenous voices campaign – supporting the researchers, topics and groups that have been underrepresented and silenced for far too long.
  • Break the bias – Our commitment to equal representation.
Closing the impact gap image

Closing the impact gap

We know that part of the journey to real-world impact relies on making research both accessible and engaging for policy makers, communities, and end-users. But do current research formats effectively communicate to these groups?

In this campaign, you’ll find:

  • Global report – is research output fit for the future?
  • The ideas-informed society – a co-produced research project to better understand how people engage with evidence in order to make decisions.
Break the norm image

Break the norm

Social and economic inequalities between and within countries are widening due to COVID-19. Now, more than ever, we need social science research to break down barriers, challenge the norms of society and address the divisions worsened by the pandemic.

In this campaign you’ll find:

  • Time for change report – understanding global trends in academic culture since 2019.

International Literacy Day

Each year, we’re committed to highlighting the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies. In 2022, we made it our mission to help find ways to make learning more accessible, to unlock opportunities, and to open more doors, so no one is left behind.

In this campaign you’ll find:

  • Transforming literary spaces – a call for research that explores different ways of learning.

Are you in?

Our sector makes an incredible difference to the world, but it’s shrouded in unhelpful traditions, outdated measures of impact and barriers to participation.

Will you join us in working towards a fairer, more equitable environment where research can have a real-world impact and those within it can reach their full potential?