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Research methods

We've collated all our guidance on research methodologies.

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Research methods 'how to' guides

Use mixed methods research

Understand submissions that combine qualitative and quantitative research

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Undertake case study research

Margaret Adolphus talks about what case study research is, and sets out the best approaches to data collection and analysis.

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Conduct empirical research

Carry out research that is based on observation and measurement of phenomena, as directly experienced by the researcher. 

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Design a research study

How to approach research in a practical and systematic way to answer the research question.

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Manage the research process

The point of project management is to ensure that the activity takes place within constrained resources.

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Carry out action research

Learn about the building blocks that are used to construct a journal article 

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Conduct research ethically

What constitutes ethics in the context of management and social research, and various issues you may face.

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Use digital tools for research

Margaret Adolphus talks about how digital technology has changed the research process.

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Prepare a proposal for a research degree

Find out how to write a research proposal.

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Use Twitter for academic research

Get the most out of Twitter research.

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Implement grounded theory

GT is the systematic and iterative process of collecting and analysing data and gradually transforming it into concepts.

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