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In-depth support on a range of academic publishing topics, from research methodologies, observation and analysis to how to publish a journal article and ensure it's downloaded, and writing a dissertation. 

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Our research guidance is divided into three categories; within each, you'll find articles to help you plan and carry out your research, and analyse the data and information you collect.

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Research methods

Find guidance on empirical and ethical research, the research process, research studies and using digital tools/Twitter.

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Discover how to conduct a focus group, and use ethnographic methods, questionnaires and repertory grids. 

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Data & analysis

Read about discourse analysis, statistical techniques and secondary data, and how to use archival material.

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Authoring & editing

Take a look at our guidance on how to write an article for an academic journal and achieve optimal results, and help with editing and writing a review.

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Study skills

How to write better essays, take notes and search effectively for information.

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For librarians

We've collated all our guidance for librarians here, including links to the librarian toolkit and useful resources.

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For reviewers

If you’re reviewing a book, journal or article, and you’re looking for support including practical tips and guidance, take a look at our reviewer guides.

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Publish with us

Find out how to publish with us and the different options available, including books, journals, case studies and open access. 

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