Openness, transparency and equity in open research podcast

This Open Access week and beyond we're calling for greater fairness and equity in open research.

In this episode we’re joined by Shelley Allen, Emerald Publishing’s Head of Open Research, to discuss themes around openness, transparency and equity in open research. We discuss the findings of a recent global survey which Emerald publishing commissioned in August 2020, addressing views on change within the academic sector. The survey highlighted a number of themes including open data, barriers to publishing open access and measures of Impact.

Speaker profile(s)

Shelley Allen joined Emerald Publishing in March 2019 as Head of Open Research. With 18 years’ experience within academic publishing, working in mostly editorial roles across a range of subject disciplines, Shelley is passionate about driving change and ensuring real impact for the communities Emerald serves.

Shelley has a keen interest in open science, particularly exploring ways to translate research for new audiences as well as leveraging the wider impact “Open” can have, including bringing new and diverse voices into the research landscape.

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In this episode:

  1. How does Emerald fit into the open world to support global challenges?
  2. How can the research community overcome barriers to open research such as lack of funding and pressure to publish in traditional outlets?
  3. How can we encourage more data sharing amongst the research community and why do you think there is a pushback?
  4. How can publishers like Emerald support a fair and transparent peer review system that highlights the quality of research?
  5. How can publishers champion alternative methods of impact?
  6. How, as a research community, we can work together to make open publishing more inclusive and accessible to everybody?

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