Our goal for quality education for all

We believe in quality education for everyone, everywhere and by highlighting the issue and working with experts in the field, we can start to find ways we can all be part of the solution.

Our goal is to help researchers to share their work, and partner to find ways to break down the divides so there is equal opportunity to access quality education and participate in higher education, training and work, with a voice that is heard.  We believe everyone should have a chance to be the best they can be regardless of where they started.

Sharon Parkinson, Publishing Development Manager, Quality Education for all.  

Our goals: Fairer society | Healthier lives | Responsible management | Quality education for all

If you're an author, researcher, or someone who cares as much as we do about education and lifelong learning, we would love to work with you and help your research to contribute to quality education for all. Get in touch.


Our goal to achieve quality education for all

Research has a vital role to play in breaking down the divides to ensure everyone, everywhere has access to quality education.


The impact of the COVID 19 pandemic on international higher education: critical reflections

Read some critical reflections from our goal advisor Professor Mok, on the impact that COVID-19 has had on higher education.

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Sustainability in higher education

Higher education institutions need to engage with implementing sustainable development across all subject areas. How can sustainability be fully embedded into curriculum, policies, and programmes?

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First voices first - opening up access to make voices heard

We’re really passionate here at Emerald about making research that matters as impactful as possible – that’s why we’ve started a new pilot project with The Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL).

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Calls for papers

Browse the latest calls for papers in the area of quality education for all.

The Intersections of Open Educational Practices and Equity Pedagogy
Overview of special issue Over the last two decades, the benefits of open education have been heralded as reduced textbook costs in higher education (Hilton et al., 2014) and widened access to…
Profound Digital Pedagogies: global perspectives
Overview of special issue The pandemic has accelerated a trend towards online and digital methods to support higher, technical apprenticeship and work-based/integrated learning.  A movement can be…
Mobile learning and microlearning in vocational education: Emerging trends for training
Overview of special issue Mobile learning and microlearning are two of the emerging methods for training and this topic has become highly relevant in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, where the…
The Future of Universities: View from the Top
Overview of special issue Universities are confronting unprecedented challenges that might fundamentally change how they operate. The post-pandemic period has only exacerbated these challenges. Not…
Quality Assurance in Education – Call for papers
About the journal Article submissions could pertain to one or more of the following areas integral to Quality Assurance in Education's mission: Organizational and program development, change and…
Driving impact through responsible investing
Background: In recent times, we have seen significant developments in responsible investing. First, the uptake of ESG criteria in finance and business in general has seen unprecedented acceleration[…
Digital Language Archives
The Electronic Library is currently accepting submissions for a special issue on “Digital Language Archives.” The special issue aims to provide the first publication that focuses on various aspects…
Playful Literacies Across Cultures: Pluralities of Pleasure, Affect, & Living Texts
Overview of the special issue During the COVID-19 pandemic, educators observed increased student stress and disconnection in formal learning environments; at the same time, many young people valued…
Open call for manuscripts for Social Studies Research and Practice's Interdisciplinary Feature
Social Studies Research and Practice seeks manuscripts which go across content-areas and disciplines for the journal’s Interdisciplinary Feature. Articles can include empirical research exploring how…
Hybrid, Blended, and Mixed-Mode Learning Quality: More Lessons Learned in the COVID Pandemic and Beyond
Overview of special issue         This special issue aims to examine the assurance of learning quality in the increasing use of hybrid, hyflex, and mixed-mode (courses and programs that are partly…

Opinion & blogs

We welcome contributions from academics, policymakers and professionals about key issues in their area of work. If you have a blog you would like to share, let us know.

Quality education for all

Building an open research culture

When Emerald’s Head of Open Research, Shelley Allen, thinks about the future of publishing, she is positive – it is Open. But reflecting on Emerald’s Time for Change Report 2021, she calls attention to the challenges that must be overcome, and urges all stakeholders to play their part to fully progress open practices.

Quality education for all

Improving academic culture, a view from the publisher and from industry

Emerald's Sharon Parkinson and Goal Advisor for Healthier Lives Dr Zana Khan, reflect on what can be done to improve academic culture in the industry itself as well as by publishers.

Quality education for all

Anti-racism and community colleges: best practices for inclusion, social justice, and liberation

In what ways can community colleges represent regional developments of anti-racism, inclusion, social justice, and liberation? Find out with anti-racism, equity, and inclusion consultants Pamela Felder-Small, Ph.D. and Sydney Freeman, Jr., Ph.D.

Quality education for all

Creating a more equitable learning experience through a block & blend pedagogy

As Universities consider their place as educators in the wake of the pandemic we all work to reimagine provision, reflect on the impact of the transition to online learning for our staff and what opportunities and challenges it provides as we emerge back onto a hybrid space.

Quality education for all

The impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on international higher education: critical reflections

Read some critical reflections from Professor Mok, on the impact that COVID-19 has had on higher education.

Quality education for all

Why we must support black doctors in nursing and public health

Pamela Felder-Small, Ph.D., Founder Black Doctorates Matter, states that increased representation of African American scholars in the fields of nursing and public health is critical to shaping the educational and socioeconomic conditions of historically marginalised communities.


News & press

Below we have a collection of news articles centred around aspects of quality education for all.

Quality education for all
Real impact

scite signs indexing agreement with Emerald Publishing

scite, an award-winning research tool that helps researchers and students discover and understand research, has signed an indexing agreement with Emerald Publishing.

Quality education for all
Real impact

Emerald acquires the Journal of Accounting Literature

Emerald is pleased to announce the acquisition of the Journal of Accounting Literature (JAL). The journal was established in 1982 at the University of Florida (USA). It will resume publication in 2022 with its 44th volume.

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Quality education for all

Emerald journals receive highest Impact Intensity rating for SDG commitment

Emerald Publishing has been recognised for publishing two of the six journals to receive the highest ‘Five Wheel’ rating from Cabells and St Joseph’s University’s (SJU) first Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Impact Intensity rating.

Quality education for all
Real impact

Emerald partners with COPPUL to open up research content to Indigenous communities

Emerald Publishing has launched a pilot project to open up access to research to a selection of Indigenous post-secondary institutions and communities.

Quality education for all

Research by Emerald Publishing highlights the need for innovation in research output to make it fit for the users & learners of tomorrow

A new report by Emerald Publishing has found that academics have a strong desire to change the way research is presented to make it more useable in a post-Covid world.

Quality education for all

Green Gown Awards announce winning projects playing leading roles in addressing climate action

Emerald Publishing is a proud sponsor and judge of these awards, celebrating the importance of sustainability commitments.


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We've partnered with ScienceOpen to create a quality education for all collection that will be updated regularly to reflect our latest mission-related content. 

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Your publishing development team

Sharon Parkinson

I’m the Quality Education for All Publishing development manager. I am the contact for the Emerald Open Research ‘Education and Learning’ gateway and also have responsibility for working closely with the educational research community to explore and deliver innovative open publishing routes. 

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Prof Mok – Goal advisor

Prof Mok has extensively contributed to the field of social change and education policy, and has a strong leadership and entrepreneurial approach to the organisation of the field. Prof Mok values the importance of the SDGs and is an advocate for achieving real impact. He is based at Lingnan University in Hong Kong, ranked 3rd in THE impact rankings for education.