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We are proud to work with our licensing and aggregation partners, making sure that our impactful and award-winning research is accessible to all our academic and professional audiences worldwide.

Themes & topics

We focus on flexibility, innovation and impact when forging links through our creative licensing business models. With over 300 journals and 3,000 plus books, our portfolio offers access to interdisciplinary, inclusive and impactful research and content, spanning the following themes and topics:

  • Digital world
  • Education
  • Future of work
  • Environment & sustainability
  • Health
  • Policy sciences
  • Operations
  • Responsible management
  • Strategic management
  • Sociology
  • Technology & innovation

Options for licensing our content

 Our licensing partnerships include:

  • Full-text journal and book content licensing rights
  • Article and book chapter hosting
  • Article and book chapter document delivery
  • Journal and book content for memberships, associations and societies
  • Abstracts and metadata feed supply for database indexing
  • Rental models for journals and books

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