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Our research covers all aspects of education such as administration and policy in education, distance learning, multicultural education, technology in education, work-based learning, and more.

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This subject area is aligned with Quality education for all, one of our interdisciplinary goals, each of which is aligned to multiple SDGs so we can ensure that the research we publish can fully play its part in solving significant global challenges.

If you want to find out more about we support the UN Sustainable Development Goals, take a look at our goals page.

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Calls for book proposals

Culture Practices in Education

We are seeking short-form Emerald Points proposals that explore the connection between cultural practices and education, identifying research needs in areas of concern such as the management of multicultural education, multicultural approaches to pedagogy and how leaders can create a culturally responsive classroom environment.

Proposals might consider global Indigenous and decolonial perspectives, what a thriving decolonial educational system looks like and the educational leadership that is needed and required to get us there.

If you are interested in submitting a book proposal please contact Kirsty Woods

Expert opinion

We've selected some opinion pieces and blogs by our authors.

Professionalisation of EDI in higher education: challenges and opportunities

With more and more people working in EDI roles in universities, we are seeing greater calls for these roles to be professionalised. But what might this look like, and what benefits could it have? Claire Hann explores these questions.


Creativity transforms our literacy spaces

Janet Ho, Lingnan University, discusses the benefits of bringing creativity to learning to stimulate students' creativity and problem-solving skills, creating more opportunities for them in life.



Mike Rifino & Kushya Sugarman, authors of Loneliness through the lens of Black feminist love-politics, reflect on their collective positionality of loneliness in the classroom, and offer updated pedagogical recommendations.


Self-directed learning as a tool for lifelong learning: fundamental to meet the demands of our ever-changing world

Dr Thomas Howard Morris discusses how education needs to be set up to enable young people to confidently deal with rapid societal change.


Building trust with Indigenous communities

Ashley Richard discusses the history of unethical and harmful research that has created barriers between researchers and many Indigenous communities and what can be done to help overcome this.


  • Administration and policy in education
  • Business education
  • Curriculum development and assessment
  • Distance learning
  • Education and society
  • Educational administration and leadership
  • Global and comparative education
  • Higher education
  • History of education
  • Multicultural education
  • Practice-based learning
  • Sustainability in higher education
  • Teacher education
  • Technology in education
  • Theory of education and pedagogy
  • Vocational education and training
  • Work-based learning

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