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Asian Education and Development Studies is concerned with education research in its broadest sense. The journal is interested in comparative studies that lead to new insights and challenge orthodox theories when analysing education and development issues. Since its official launch in 2012, AEDS has become one of the key education policy and development studies journals with a strong focus on the role of education and development, policy and governance in Asia from international and comparative perspectives.

ISSN: 2414-6994
eISSN: 2046-3162

Aims and scope

Asian Education and Development Studies (AEDS) is the official journal of Asia Pacific Higher Education Research Partnership (APHERP). APHERP is the Inter-University Research Consortium promoting research in education and development studies in the Asia-Pacific region.

Papers that have an interdisciplinary and multi-disciplinary approach with an endeavour to have strong policy impact and implications for regional and global development, are particularly welcome. Aspects of development with which the journal is concerned include economic growth and poverty reduction; human development, quality of life and well-being, social cohesion and peace-building; resilience and environmental sustainability.

Articles that do not have an explicit Asian focus will also be considered if they demonstrate cross-regional comparisons with other major global regions relevant to the wider international readership.

Key topics for submissions:

  • Educational development
  • Globalization and regional responses
  • Dialogue between Asia and Europe and the US on development issues
  • Social development and social policy
  • Urbanization and social change
  • Politics and changing governance
  • Critical development issues and policy implications
  • Demographic change and changing social structure

Key subject areas for research submissions:

  • Education
  • Political Science
  • Sociology 
  • Development Studies 
  • Interdisciplinary Studies

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