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We support the Sustainable Development Goals

We want to work with you to call out inequity and take steps towards a fairer and more inclusive society. We hope to highlight experiences and challenges faced by people who have been historically marginalised, so that all voices in society are heard, and that they are also heard in research and business settings.

This mission focuses on diversity among business leaders and how businesses can ensure that all voices are heard, including Indigenous peoples, and people of all genders, ages and ethnicities. We ask how we can make sure that research is inclusive, so that everyone in society is represented fairly. We look at work on transforming organisational culture, and discuss the value that increased diversity brings.

This mission supports our Responsible management goal  


Introduction by Richard Oloruntoba

Richard Oloruntoba introduces our mission that looks at diversity in the boardroom. He asks how we can make sure that education, research and businesses are inclusive so that everyone is represented fairly and authentically.

Author thoughts

Some of our authors have been sharing their research in different ways; find out what our authors have to say about diversity in the boardroom.


Three questions organisations should answer before attempting to indigenise the boardroom

Ashley Richard. Associate Director, Indigenous Women Entrepreneurship Knowledge Hub, University of Manitoba, Canada.

Answers given by business leaders to these to these three important questions may reveal the need for a complete overhaul of a company's practices…

Invisibility of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians in boardrooms: A missed opportunity?

Dr Shaouli Shahid, Senior Lecturer and Mr Fred Yasso, Interim Director, Centre for Aboriginal Studies, Curtin University, Western Australia.

The Australian government needs to employ long-term, systematic, genuine and concerted efforts, partnership and planning to embrace Australia’s Indigenous heritage and cultures.…

The whiteboard: ethnic diversity in corporate Australia

Dr Claire Wright (UTS Business School, University of Technology Sydney), and Associate Professor Corinne Cortese, Dr Abdullah Al-Mamun and Dr Searat Ali (Faculty of Business and Law, University of Wollongong), Australia.

Should Australian companies be compelled towards adopting a broader view of diversity beyond gender in their corporate leadership and governance?…

Can we do more to ensure that Indigenous voices are amplified through research?


How can organisational culture be transformed to embrace diversity?


What value does increased diversity bring to the boardroom & business?




First voices first – opening up access to make voices heard

We’re really passionate here at Emerald about making research that matters as impactful as possible – that’s why we’ve started a new pilot project with The Council of Prairie and Pacific University Libraries (COPPUL).

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Indigenous voices

This mission is one of four that are part of a wider focus on Indigenous peoples. You can find out more about this – and the related missions – on our Indigenous voices page.

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Mission-led research – our goals

Our core area of focus is interdisciplinary research aligned with the UN SDGs, with these key goals in mind, all of which are about creating real world impact, at a time when it's needed most.

Fairer society

We are passionate about working with researchers globally to deliver a fairer, more inclusive society. This perhaps has never been more important in today’s divided world...



Healthier lives

We understand the value of a world that recognises and protects the most vulnerable and acknowledges the importance of a healthy mind as well as a healthy body...



Responsible management

We aim to champion researchers, practitioners, policymakers and organisations who share our goals of a more ethical, responsible and sustainable way of working...



Quality education for all

We believe in quality education for everyone, everywhere and by highlighting the issue and working with experts in the field, we can find ways we can all be part of the solution...



Sustainable structures and infrastructures

We recognise the transformative power of sustainable engineering, design and building practices in creating a world where our planet and its inhabitants can thrive.