CSR or just greenwashing?

We hear that consumers are swapping to brands that have purpose, sustainability credentials, and genuinely care about positive impacts on society. 

How do we know when companies are serious about environmental and societal impact? How far do they go to ensure sustainability? What happens when we lose trust in environmental claims? 

When is CSR responsible management, and when is it actually greenwashing? We’ve brought together some of the latest research to investigate these questions.

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Is greenwashing fraud & how does it affect businesses?

Consequences of greenwashing - Does it make people care less about green issues? How can our trust be regained?

COVID-19 – the force for change in CSR? Is it testing companies' and employees' commitment? 

How does the global position affect CSR position?

featured book

CSR for purpose, shared value and deep transformation: the new responsibility

Dr Virginia Munro describes her book that provides a framework for understanding the evolving role of the corporate dollar in the pursuit of a global ecosystem that is more inclusive of all stakeholders.


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Can leaders banish bias and increase inclusivity? How can corporate communications champion equity and diversity? We investigate the issues. 

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