Emerald Group signs up to The Menopause Workplace Pledge

14th July 2022

Emerald Group has signed The Menopause Workplace Pledge to help create a supportive and understanding place for employees going through the menopause.

Menopause is something that happens to half of the population and is likely to affect everyone in some way: you may experience physical or emotional symptoms yourself, or you might know someone going through the menopause and wonder how to best support them and understand what they are experiencing. 

At Emerald we want to break the stigma of talking about menopause, help drive awareness about what really happens and nurture an open culture where people feel they can have these discussions. Nearly a third of those experiencing menopause said they would value flexible hours and more than a quarter (27%) said they wanted to be offered mental health support.  Those statistics may be from the UK, but these issues are global.

That’s why we’ve signed up to The Menopause Workplace Pledge, which means we’re supporting colleagues by committing to:

  • Recognising that the menopause can be an issue in the workplace and women (and anyone) need support.
  • Talking openly, positively and respectfully about menopause.
  • Actively supporting and informing our employees affected by menopause. 

We’ve recently made some great progress through the launch of our internal Menopause Café and sharing of menopause-related resources. Our virtual Menopause Café allows employees to hear first-hand personal experiences related to menopause and is a safe space to have open and honest conversations.

We’ve also been able to offer menopause-related learning resources through our subsidiary company Mind Tools. Resources such as our 'Menopause at Work' article and 'My experience working through menopause' blog are openly available for anyone to read and share.

Alongside this, we have a dedicated intranet page and discussion channel on our Teams communication platform which we share external relevant content to watch, read and listen.

Although this is a great start, we recognise more needs to be done. We’re committed to continuing the conversation, sharing more relevant resources, and supporting employees in need of support.



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