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Educational leadership with vision is critical to academic success for all students; done well, it positively affects staff and student morale, performance and outcomes.

What are the problems affecting leaders? How can you structure your decision-making and be a better leader? How can you help your institution to be intrinsically inclusive and support the leaders of tomorrow?
Together with some of our partners and authors, we’ve been exploring this subject.

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Educational leadership

Educational leadership involves working with teachers and instructors in order to improve educational outcomes at all levels. It is critical to academic success for all students; done well, it positively affects staff and student morale, performance, and outcomes.

It starts with setting a vision and mission for the institution and then marshalling the resources, policies, strategies, and processes needed to achieve that vision and mission. But what are the main challenges affecting school leaders? How can they structure decision-making to be more effective? How can leaders create an organizational culture that aligns with their vision and mission? And how can they create an inclusive and supportive culture for other leaders in schools?

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Journal of Educational Administration

Journal of Educational Administration

Editors-in-Chief: Professor Chen Schechter and Professor Jayson W. Richardson

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On the Horizon

Editor-in-Chief: John Moravec


Journal of Professional Capital and Community

Editor-in-Chief: Martin Scanlan


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