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17 Books: Webinar series launches to discuss the role of higher education in meeting the Sustainable Development Goals in dialogue with youth voices

12th September 2022

Dr Wendy M. Purcell, Harvard University and Brighton Kaoma, United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth have together developed an 'in conversation' webinar series to discuss the role of higher education in meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in dialogue with youth and student voices.

The webinar series will launch at the United Nations Transforming Education Summit on September 16, 2022, at 10AM EDT. As befitting the 'Youth Mobilization' theme of the day, Series Editor Dr Wendy M. Purcell will be joined by some of the series book editors with their students. 

The webinars will feature editors, authors, and students from Emerald Publishing’s book series Higher Education and the Sustainable Development Goals. The series takes each of the SDGs in turn and explores how Higher Education Institutions are playing a critical role in sustainable development. Unique in its approach, the series uses the lens of each SDG to highlight the impact and influence of students as catalysts and agents of change in higher education.

Dr Wendy M. Purcell, Academic Research Scholar at Harvard University, commented: "Higher education is a powerful catalyst for change. Our work in teaching/learning, research/innovation, and community engagement/service is helping to deliver a world that leaves no one behind. The efforts of our students now, and as they emerge as the leaders, professionals, and entrepreneurs of tomorrow, serves to amplify and scale the impact of universities and colleges globally. This series examines the contribution of higher education to each of the seventeen SDGs and highlights the importance of the student voice in shaping a more sustainable future for all."

Brighton Kaoma, Global Director at the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network – Youth, added: "Higher education plays an important role in the advancement of the SDGs, especially at this critical time in history when the United Nations launches the Transforming Education Summit. Engaging youth is key to transforming higher education to meet this challenge. SDSN Youth is excited to partner up with Emerald Publishing to spark conversations on how young global citizens can drive changes in higher education institutions."

Emerald Publishing will publish the first book in the series, 'SDG17: Partnership for the Goals,' in 2023. Find out more about the book series and the rest of the upcoming webinar series.

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