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Emerald and SDGs
An Emerald mission in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals

The UN SDG 4 mission statement declares the importance of promoting lifelong learning opportunities for all. Lifelong learning can enhance our understanding of the world around us, provide us with more and better opportunities, and improve our quality of life.

Delve into our ‘lifelong learning’ mission to learn how, in partnership with some of our authors and experts from around the world, we have been exploring this subject, addressing issues such as: what forms lifelong learning can take, how we can encourage lifelong learning, and why it is so important.

We’re inviting authors to publish with us in the field of education, so if you are working on an article or would like to contribute a blog or commentary then we’d love to hear from you.

This mission is aligned with our Quality education for all goal

Webinar on lifelong learning

Traditional boundaries for higher education institutions have become increasingly fluid as they try to adapt to the rapidly changing conditions of a globalized world. Higher education has entered an era where lifelong (and life-wide) learning is not only necessary to modern life but it is also now viewed as a basic human right.

Join Professor Audrey Falk and expert panelists as they discuss the concept of lifelong learning.

Featured journals

Here we have highlighted our key journals that publish articles on the topic of lifelong learning. You can also search for a specific journal by subject area on our find a journal page.

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European Journal of Training and Development

Editors: Dr. Ronan Carbery & Professor Thomas N Garavan


Education + Training

Editor: Professor Martin McCracken


International Journal of Information and Learning Technology

Editor: Professor Glenn Hardaker


Journal of Workplace Learning

Editors: Associate Professor Sara Cervai & Professor Tauno Kekäle


Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning

Editor: Professor Tony Wall


Industrial and Commercial Training

Editors: Dr Siham Lekchiri & Dr Adriano Solidoro


The Learning Organization

Editor: Professor Nataša Rupčić


Development and Learning in Organizations

Editor: Anne Gimson


Calls for papers

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The contribution of MOOCs to upskilling the labor force

Listen to Valentina Goglio, Assistant Professor at University of Turin, Italy, talk about her article with Sonia Bertolini on “The contribution of MOOCs to upskilling the labor force” and how it relates to lifelong learning.

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Featured blogs

Read our latest blogs to find out some of our authors thoughts on lifelong learning.


What on earth is lifelong learning?

Professor Stuart Billingham photo

Author: Professor Stuart Billingham

In this blog, Professor Stuart Billingham discusses the concept of 'lifelong learning' and how it differs from 'lifelong education'.


Self-directed learning as a tool for lifelong learning

Dr. Thomas Howard Morris photo

Author: Dr Thomas Howard Morris, School of Education, Bath Spa University, England

Dr Thomas Howard Morris discusses how education needs to be set up to enable young people to confidently deal with rapid societal change.


The use of social marketing to achieve quality education for all

Dr Celestin Mayombe photo

Author: Dr Celestin Mayombe, School of Professional Studies in Education, North-West University

Dr Celestin Mayombe discusses how social marketing efforts enhance the effectiveness of adult education and training programmes in reducing unemployment and poverty among disadvantaged community members.


Aspire & inspiring: a quest for lifelong learning alternatives

Authors: Dr Heather Stewart and Associate Professor Deborah Delaney

New approaches to educational inequities are needed, especially for those who are vulnerable and have chronic learning challenges, which often result in long-term unemployment and the inability to break the negative cycle.…

Book chapters

Industrial and Commercial Training

The Greek life-long learning centers in the post-debt crisis era: evaluation of the effectiveness of mentoring in adult trainers training

Nick Dukakis, Angeliki Chasioti, Efthymios Valkanos, Miltiadis Staboulis, Iosif Fragkoulis
special issue

Higher Education, Skills and Work-Based Learning

Volume 10 Issue 4 - Higher and Degree Apprenticeships: Equality and Diversity Matter

Emerald Open Research policy documents

Explore these open access policy documents around the theme of lifelong learning.


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