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The growing numbers and proportion of people over the age of 65 is a global phenomenon. Demographic ageing therefore presents significant political, economic, and socio-cultural challenges to individuals, families, communities, and societies.

Current debates about caring for an ageing population are infused with ideas and assumptions about what characterises a successful old age. This concern with healthy longevity has, in turn generated an array of policy prescriptions and technological solutions to the perceived ‘problem’ brought about by population ageing.

In our mission to understand the complex challenges posed by an ageing population, we ask: Can the creative arts improve the physical and mental well-being of people with dementia? Has the role of digital health technologies in improving the quality of life for older people been overstated? What does the status, skill set and renumeration levels of support workers tell us about the way in which support workers – and their carers – are viewed and treated? And in what ways can the built environment promote active ageing?

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Learning from COVID-19: Design, Age-friendly Technology, Hacking and Mental Models

PJ White, Hannah R. Marston, Linda Shore, Robert Turner

Open Research

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Podcast: Space, place, and an ageing society

In this podcast, Sophie Yarker and Charles Musselwhite, both experts on the relationships between space, place and ageing, discuss why it is important that older people have the tools and support to navigate the world around them.

Blog: Refurbishment as a lever for improving the social and emotional wellbeing of older people living in sheltered housing

Author: Zeibeda Sattar (Northumbria University, UK)

As care needs change for people living in sheltered housing schemes, reassessments take place and higher levels of care are addressed. Relationship building is key to identifying changes to resident health and early intervention can lead to healthier residents and better care.

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Article: The impact of a refurbishment programme on older people living in sheltered housing

Fall Awareness Programmes – identifying issues and interventions for older adults

An important study on Falls Awareness Programmes provides necessary insights into the required tools and customisation for such public health offerings for the elderly. Prevention and management of falls is possible through falls awareness programmes customised to different groups of older adults residing in different spaces. Brief evaluation tools made available to participants are also required to measure the impact of such programmes.

Find out more in this infographic

Article: A participatory mixed-methods evaluation of a falls awareness programme
Authors: Megan Elliott, Hannah Watson, Amy Lewis, & Carolyn Wallace
Working with Older People

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Aging and the Family: Understanding Changes in Structural and Relationship Dynamics vol: 17

Authors: Patricia Neff Claster (Edinboro University, USA), Sampson Lee Blair (The State University of New York, USA)

Series: Contemporary Perspectives in Family Research…

Managing the Ageing Workforce in the East and the West

Authors: Matt Flynn (University of Hull, UK), Anthony Chiva (Newcastle University, UK), Yuxin Li (Shanghai International Studies University, China), Emma Parry (Cranfield School of Management, UK)

Series: The Changing Context of Managing People…

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