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We live in a VUCA world characterised by rapid rates of change and ambiguous situations. Today more than ever, a sense of purpose beyond one of profit is needed, and what better purpose than building a sustainable future and striving for a fairer society.

The 1987 Brundtland Report [1] defined sustainable development as one that 'meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own'. As Wendy Purcell, Goal Advisor for the Fairer Society goal, explained in her thought-provoking keynote blog [2], we are at a crossroad where the realisation of a fairer society "relies on physical, societal and economic resources to be stewarded carefully from one generation to the next". Join us as we explore the concept of stewardship, crucial to build a future that is more just, prosperous, and safe for all.

How can we live today so that we can preserve and hold the tomorrow? Could a new form of tourism and a stronger sense of accountability towards our environment allow us to still explore new horizons? How can we become better guardians of our 'commons' by learning from the knowledge of Indigenous communities and the protection of their rights? What changes are needed to see meaningful CSR initiatives implemented and businesses to strive for shared values and not solely shareholder value? With the digitalisation of our lives and the emergence of 'data stewards', who really owns our data and to some extent our digital identity?

[1] our-common-future.pdf. (n.d.). Retrieved 28 March 2022
[2] Reference to Wendy's keynote blog

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With rising awareness of businesses' social responsibilities, and the rising capital market pressures, e.g., from ESG investors, major firms around the world have started to incorporate sustainability initiatives in their corporate governance practices to tackle major social and environmental problems.

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Article: Global shift towards stakeholder-oriented corporate governance? Evidence from the scholarly literature and future research opportunities

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Policy brief

A framework for culturally appropriate and sustainable Indigenous housing

Daphne Habibis, University of Tasmania

Safe, secure and stable housing is central to social, emotional and economic well-being for individuals and families. Housing is recognised by the United Nations as a fundamental human right, yet when it comes to Indigenous housing individuals disproportionately experience unsafe, unstable and substandard housing.

This brief identifies the key policy learnings for a framework for culturally appropriate and sustainable Indigenous housing.

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