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Trust is essential to building a fairer society.

Here we bring together perspectives on the human ability to form bonds and work together, based on shared values and mutual respect to achieve a common purpose.

We’re inviting authors to publish with us in the fields of information and knowledge management, library studies, marketing, public policy and others relevant to the topic of trust.

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Dr Wendy Purcell

Wendy Purcell: Trust is key to building a fairer society

Trust is an invisible asset we build, acquire, and exchange. It is central to treating others fairly and an essential element in creating a world that leaves no one behind.

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Michael Gold photoAndy Hodder photo

Reframing Fox: The continuing impact of 'Beyond Contract' and 'Man Mismanagement' 50 years on

In their blog, guest editors of a special issue for Employee Relations, Andy Hodder and Michael Gold discuss the work of Alan Fox and the influence it has on both the teaching and research of British industrial (or employment) relations.

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How can brands maintain (or repair) consumer trust?

Consumers expect brands to reflect their values in challenging the status-quo and addressing global issues. This means a shift from prioritising shareholder values to stakeholder values. Explore how businesses build and maintain consumers' trust and fulfil their new societal leadership role.

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Trust is the foundation of social order & a fairer society

Prof Krishnamurthy Sriramesh, Professor Dejan Vercic and Professor Ana Tkalac Vercic reflect on the role of professionals in public relations and strategic communication in building and maintaining trust.


The trust factor in social media marketing

Aloka Karunasingha photo  Nalin Abeysekera photo

Mr Aloka Karunasingha and Professor Nalin Abeysekera ask how social media marketing strategies use the concept of trust to influence consumers’ online behaviour.


Free & open access articles


How do communities nurture the trust they need to flourish?

Trust is a central element of social capital, underpinning our ability to form bonds and work collaboratively towards a common goal such as sustainability.

Digital connection has expanded our social networks, strengthened bonds based on personal interests and allowed small businesses to connect directly with customers. Read our selection of free content exploring trust as the key ingredient oiling the wheels of social capital.

Accountability during the COVID pandemic: the perspective of emerging economies

Pandemic responses around the world has been varied, imperfect, and even – occasionally – corrupt. Professors Javed Siddiqui, Thankom Arun, and Hassan Yazdifar discuss the disproportionate effect of the pandemic and its inadvertent consequences on emerging economies.

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Emerald open Research

Apart but not Alone? A cross-sectional study of neighbour support in a major UK urban area during the COVID-19 lockdown

Authors: Mat Jones, Amy Beardmore, Michele Biddle, Andy Gibson, Sanda Umar Ismail, Stuart McClean, Jo White
VINE Journal of Information and Knowledge Management Systems

The information sharing among students on social media: the role of social capital and trust

Authors: Muliadi Muliadi, Mas'ud Muhammadiah, Kasma F. Amin, Kaharuddin Kaharuddin, Junaidi Junaidi, Berlin Insan Pratiwi, Fitriani Fitriani…

Can social media help rebuild trust in government?

A series of scandals and failures have eroded public confidence in the ability of governments to work for their citizens’ best interests. With distrust being the default emotion, democracies are at risk and societal fears are on the rise. Explore these issues and the powerful role of social media and citizen journalism in rebuilding public trust in government.

The role of governments and organisations in rebuilding public trust

The need for trust at all levels of society is paramount but people’s trust in government is lower than ever. Dr Hasan Imam explores this trend and how it might be remedied.

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Unravelling the relationship between trust in government and voluntary adoption of preventative behaviour through health belief model: a cross-culture study

Authors: Farhan Sarwar, Hassan Imam, Hafiz Tahir Jameel, Siti Aisyah Panatik, Donald E. Brannen
Information Discovery and Delivery

Citizen journalism practices during COVID-19 in spotlight: influence of user-generated contents about economic policies in perceiving government performance

Authors: Syed Hassan Raza, Ogadimma C. Emenyeonu, Muhammad Yousaf, Moneeba Iftikhar

How do we identify trustworthy information sources?

The threat posed by misinformation and 'fake news' has become impossible to ignore and concerns over false information being used as weapon are at an all-time high.

The problem is exacerbated by the decline in trust of traditional media, with younger generations looking to alternative sources of information. Dive into our selection of free content exploring this topic and providing tools to help you critically appraise information.

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Do managers trust home-workers to stay productive?

The pandemic changed ways of working for many people around the world. It also changed trust relationships between remote employees, their managers, and the companies they work for. Read our content exploring the barriers and facilitators for a stable transition to remote working.

Establishing trust in hybrid work – the role of people and technology

Kathrin Kirchner, Christine Ipsen, Anne Pedersen, Mejse Hasle Nielsen and Kasper Edwards discuss building trust between colleagues working in different locations, as well as trusting the technology we use to facilitate hybrid working.

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