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"Industrial Robot provides the latest
worldwide information covering
application stories and news from our
industry as well as papers with the latest
developments in technology. This unique
publication is the very best source of
information for all those wishing to keep
up to date in robotics."

Mike Wilson, President, British Automation and Robotics Association, UK

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  1. Knowledge Management and employee empowerment – a study of higher education institutions
  2. A review of gas sensors employed in electronic nose applications
  3. A review of enterprise risk management in supply chain
  4. Recent developments in MEMS sensors: a review of applications, markets and technologies
  5. Internet freedom

Award-Winning Papers

Outstanding Papers form the backbone of the Awards for Excellence. As these awards are chosen by eminent academics or managers, the winning authors receive the prestige of it being recognized that theirs is one of the most impressive pieces of work the judges have seen throughout the past year.

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Meet the Editors of Rapid Prototyping Journal.Rapid Prototyping Journal

One of Emerald's leading journal titles, Rapid Prototyping Journal, provides researchers with essential information on developments and applications in additive manufacturing and related technologies.

Meet the Editors in this video feature.

Sensor Review.Sensor Review

Sensor Review publishes peer reviewed state-of-the-art articles and specially commissioned technology reviews. Each issue includes high quality content covering all aspects of sensor development and application.

Find out more in this interview with Clive Loughlin, Editor.

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Sallie will be attending the WOSC conference in Rome, Italy; January 2017.

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