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Challenging the status quo to tackle social inequalities together

Social and economic inequalities between and within countries are widening due to COVID-19. Now, more than ever, we need social science research to break down barriers, challenge the norms of society and address the divisions worsened by the pandemic.

To build a fairer and more equitable world we need to tackle disparities based on gender, geography, preference and privilege, and bring together thinking across disciplines and sectors to solve real-world challenges. That’s why Break the norm focuses on research that puts societal changes at its heart, challenges the status quo, and commits to making a real impact.

Your research matters. You may be working on related projects or be personally affected by disparities and want to see change. We would love to hear from you on these issues and help research make real change happen.

Is peer review inherently biased?

How can we champion all identities?

Peer review is an important process in scholarly publishing; however, there are a number of biases that are prevalent among reviewers and editors. 

This Peer Review Week, we share experiences from different voices within the peer review system on what they think needs to change so that the process can be inclusive to all and what work needs to be done, so that as a collective we can work towards truly including all identities.

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How can we close the widening education gap?

Twenty years of educational gains have been lost in just one year due to COVID-19. On International Literacy Day 2021, we highlighted the issues and ways in which we can break the norms in education to create a fairer society, with quality education for all.

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Digital literacy & distance learning

As part of International Literacy Day 2021 we highlighted the challenges people face in accessing quality education across the world. In collaboration with our partners and authors we are making research and resources more accessible, so that it can quickly get into the hands of those who need it. We’re working with partners who are making a difference at a community level of education as well as aligning our goals to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Find out more about how we’re making research and resources accessible.

Perspectives – can academia help tackle social inequalities?

A blog series bringing together global voices on how we can tackle academic and social inequalities together.

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Tools to help with distance learning

We want to help you to make a difference in people’s lives. Fair access to quality education can make our world a more equal place. Access these teaching resources for people on the front line of teaching in the digital environment. 

Our goals

Find our more about our goals for breaking the norms of society and challenging the status quo.

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