International Literacy Day 2021 transcript

The last two years has revealed

How fragile access to learning and education can be…

In 2020 alone, 101 million children fell below the minimum reading proficiency level

Which equals 20 years of educational gains – GONE

Without change, it’s estimated that over 200 million children will have no access to education by 2030.

And the effects are not just being felt by children

There are 773 million non –literate adults globally

With two thirds of these being women

Almost a quarter of the world have literacy rates below the developing country average of 79%

And 19 countries have literacy rates below 55%

And these gaps are widening

The last year has created more barriers than ever for adults and children all over the world.

To gain the basic literacy skills they need to lift them out of poverty and break the cycle

But, there is hope.

We believe there a real opportunity to re-imagine the future

And challenge the norms of an unequal world, by making research more accessible

We can’t solve these issues overnight

But we are making positive steps

By making research more discoverable

Commissioning research into new ways to break down the divides

Providing free access to resources

Working with partners who are making a difference at a community level

And supporting healthy research practice, through services and support tools

Together we can build momentum for change

And break the norms in global education

Working towards a fairer society with quality education for all

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