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Making the world a better place for all

As a global publisher, Emerald represents researchers from diverse communities across more than 100 countries. 

We’ve been doing this for many years but believe – now more than ever – that research is most impactful when a diverse range of voices are included. To us, that means regardless of race, gender, class, religion, sexual orientation, disability, age, income or anything else – individuals deserve and should demand to be equally represented and heard. 

We also believe that research is at the forefront of pushing society forward, by getting research into the hands of those making the decisions that drive change. To create real world impact that can be felt, not just words on paper, to make the world a better place for all.

Indigenous voices

For 2022 we are focusing on Indigenous communities, commissioning content on issues such as stewardship, health and wellbeing, diversifying the curriculum, and diversity within the boardroom.

Through this work, we aspire to promote everybody’s voices, including the voices of Indigenous peoples, bring new insights, learn from each other, and develop more equitable publisher–researcher relationships.

break the bias

Our commitment to equal representation

We believe the first step in breaking bias is discussing the issues creating bias so we can all work towards solutions that help to overcome them. As part of International Women’s Day 2022 – we’ve been sharing personal stories of the experience of bias academics have faced. We want to shine a light on the breadth of the problem globally, and we want to take action in order to help prevent it in future. 

As a publisher we know that we’re not perfect, and we know we have a responsibility to help make the publishing more inclusive and equally representative. So our goal is for equal representation across our publishing practices, including editorial boards, reviewer pools and lead authors on our books front list, starting with 40 titles that we know are facing representative challenges, by 2025. Our ambition it is to extend this to everything by 2030. Transcript is available on YouTube. 

Global survey on gender equality

Our global survey shows women face significant challenges when it comes to gender equality.

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If any of these topics relate to your research, we’d love to hear from you. 

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Practical tools & advice if you’re experiencing gender bias


How can I stop saying sorry all the time?

Women are advised that apologising and using the word 'just' can undermine their authority - but feminist linguist Deborah Cameron has other ideas. She also reveals the communications trait that many men are guilty of.

Thought-provoking content, helping to drive change

We’ve curated some  content and made it free access for you to use, as well as collaborating with people in the know to bring you blogs, articles, video and podcast content that discusses the multifaceted issues of gender bias.

Open policy document

A framework for culturally appropriate and sustainable indigenous housing

Author: Daphne Habibis, Social Sciences, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Australia

The absence of housing security is a significant contributor to the intergenerational poverty experienced by some Indigenous individuals and families. This brief analyses how governments, working in partnership with Indigenous organisations and communities, can begin to change these dynamics.

our goals & missions

Responsible leadership

Responsible leaders take business decisions that consider all stakeholders; they examine both sustainability and equitability. Here, we’ve collated some articles, books, podcasts and more that discuss the workplace issues faced by the responsible leaders of today.

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The global inclusivity report 2022

In 2020, we commissioned our first global inclusivity report to shine a light on inclusion, the issues facing our communities, and the actions we can take to create a fairer society. Two years on, our world continues to face uncertainty and ongoing challenges. To understand how academic perceptions and experiences around inclusivity have evolved, we commissioned a second global inclusivity report.

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An inclusive society for every person, everywhere

We pride ourselves on representing the under-represented, but we know publishers haven’t always got this right and more can always be done. We’re challenging ourselves by:

  • Making sure our content is representative of the many and not the few.
  • Educating ourselves, and being more conscious of the issues in everything we do.
  • Ensuring our editorial boards, authorship and case studies are as diverse as the population and topics they're created for.
  • Doing everything we can to amplify the work of others that contribute to change. 
  • Ensuring all our business activities have a diverse representation.  
  • Not supporting, sponsoring or working in partnership with other organisations that do not uphold these values.

That’s because we believe that its only through diverse voices that can we create real impact.

Alignment & partnerships

As well as aligning our content to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and asking 'How do we achieve an inclusive society by 2030?'

We're also working alongside partners, including Research 4 Life, providing free access to research content for those in developing countries, and The Women In Academia Support Network or WIASN – a safe space providing support for all women academics.

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We’re working in partnership with Research 4 Life, providing free access to research content for those in developing countries.
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The Society of Scholarly Publishing

We also work with the SSP towards collaborative and representative publishing content across diverse communities.
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The women in academia support network

An international, intersectional , safe space for women academics of all stages. Sharing, empowering, changing the system.

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