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#InspireInclusion #InvestInWomen

All women, across the globe, deserve to be given a greater voice and equal rights. International Women’s Day was started over 100 years ago to do just this, but while change is taking place, progress is slow.

Efforts to recognise the extraordinary acts of women globally and encourage a greater momentum towards gender equality worldwide are crucial if progress is to continue. So, for International Women’s Day 2024, we will be showing our support, helping to forge a better, more inclusive world for women, as well as encouraging our communities to invest in women.

These are all actions that, as a business, we are committed to doing, each and every day.

This is how.

#InspireInclusion #InvestInWomen

Inspiring inclusion through our publishing practices

We know that we’re not perfect and have a responsibility to help make publishing more inclusive and equally representative. So, in 2022, we set a goal to have equal representation, starting with 40 titles that we knew were facing representative challenges, by 2025.

Our ambition is to extend this to everything by 2030. This includes editorial boards, reviewer pools and lead authors on our book’s front lists.

We’re doing this by:

  • Recognising and acting on the publishing ‘norms’ that are holding back change
  • Actively encouraging discussions within our editor and author communities to understand the barriers that still exist
  • Reviewing advisory board structures to ensure a truly diverse and representative editorial process
  • Monitoring the diversity of our authors and reviewers by adding equality, diversity, and inclusion (EDI) questions to ScholarOne.

Thought-provoking content, helping to drive change

Emerald Podcast Series: Listen to a range of podcasts covering various topics impacting women's lives.

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Mission-led research

We focus our work on five interdisciplinary goals, each aligned to multiple UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs), to ensure the research we publish can fully play its part in solving significant global challenges.

SDG5 - gender equality icon

A fairer society

As one of our goal areas, a fairer society actively supports and champions researchers and research that helps create a society that’s fair & inclusive for all.

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Inspiring inclusion through the research we publish

To celebrate the contribution women are making to the world we live in, and to help educate and raise awareness for women’s equality, we've gathered together a selection of relevant research from our diverse portfolio of journals, books, and teaching cases.

Topical journal articles & special issue

Special Issue: Women-in-Leadership Research and Feminist Futures: New agendas for feminist research and impact on gender equality

Guest editors: Sharon Mavin, Carole Elliott, Val Stead, and Gina Grandy

Gender in Management
jmapl card image

Choose your future: a feminist perspective on Construction 4.0 as techno-utopia or digital dystopia

Author: Jenni Barrett

Management, Procurement and Law (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers)
jensu card image

Mobilising sustainable, water-resilient communities in the UK: evidence and engagement across scales

Authors: Sarah Ward, Nick Paling, Andrew Rogers

Engineering Sustainability (Proceedings of the Institution of Civil Engineers)

Topical case studies

These case studies are free to access until 7th April 2024.

Topical books

Women in engineering

Women are still underrepresented in many sectors, including the engineering sector. In order for the cities and towns we live in to be inclusive, and to serve all members of society, we need a diverse and representative workforce designing them.

Here are our latest Emerald ICE Publishing titles by women, who are leading the way in tackling  the underrepresentation in civil engineering.

Environmental Law for Sustainable Construction cover Fire Safety in Buildings ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure  cover
Environmental Law for Sustainable Construction
Dr Francine Baker and Dr Jennifer Charlson
Fire Safety in Buildings
Pat Perry
ICE Manual of Blue-Green Infrastructure
Carla-Leanne Washbourne and Claire Wansbury

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Inspiring inclusion through campaigns

The Case for Women logo Forte logo

Case for Women case writing competition

On recognising the significant gender gaps in business school teaching case literature, the Case for Women competition is dedicated to the female protagonist and aims to promote the development of high-quality teaching case material that positively represents the challenges and triumphs of real women in leadership positions.

The competition is currently open for entries with a total prize fund of $9,500.

The winning case and runner(s)-up will be published in Scopus-ranked The CASE Journal (TCJ), pending peer review.

Submission deadline: 30 April 2024

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Inspiring inclusion as an employer

We have a responsibility to make publishing and the academic ecosystem representative, supportive, and equitable for all genders. Our commitment to make a positive impact on society is part of our DNA, and achieving gender equality in our workplace is fundamental to this mission.

These are just some of the initiatives we have in place.

Benefits and culture    

We understand the difficulties many parents face when returning to work after bringing a new child into their life. This is why we offer various options to help with the transition.

Our returnity approach is offered to all parents to help them ease back into work at a gentle pace. This means for the first month, parents can choose to work fewer hours and gradually increase their hours week on week.

We believe all our employees should be empowered to strike a healthy work-life balance which is why we offer fully flexible hybrid working.

We have office space which employees can choose to work from, or they can be fully remote. We also support part time working and compressed hours.

Our efforts were recognised in 2023 by Flexa as part of their Flexa100 - top 100 most flexible companies to work for.

Holding regular internal webinars or events is a great way for our employees to enhance their understanding on a variety of subjects relevant to their roles.

Bal and Taj photo

We often invite external guests to come and speak and very recently we welcomed Bal and Taj, the founders of Changing Suits, a non-profit organisation on a mission to break cultural taboos and build awareness about the South Asian community.

Throughout the session we learnt about their entrepreneurship journey, and how they consistently invest back into women from the South Asian community.


As a signatory of the Menopause Workplace Pledge, we’re supporting colleagues by committing to: 

  • Recognising that menopause can be an issue in the workplace and women (and anyone) may need support.
  • Talking openly, positively and respectfully about menopause.
  • Actively supporting and informing our employees affected by menopause, providing a wealth of information and resources for those who need it.

Our menopause café offers colleagues a friendly, open and honest space to chat about all things relating to menopause and perimenopause.

Investing in women

One way we can support and invest in women at Emerald is via apprenticeships.
Two employees have recently taken up this opportunity.

Here are their stories:

Jo Jones photo

Jo Jones, Publishing Development Manager

Emerald’s support was crucial from start to finish for which I am incredibly grateful. They supported my application for a place on the MSc and funded it through their membership of the apprenticeship levy. Emerald’s learning culture meant that my managers appreciated the benefit that such study could bring to the organisation as well as to me, and as such were generous in allowing time to study as well as providing support and encouragement when needed.

It has already benefited me and the organisation through my being able to apply the learnings to business challenges and offer solutions. I have developed more specialised skills by working with different areas of the business and have a better understanding of their challenges and limitations. Working this way also increased my networking opportunities helping me seek solutions seen to work in other industries and sectors.

Ultimately it has also meant that I feel more confident that I am well prepared for the next level of responsibility when the right opportunity arises.    


Gabi Hart photo

Gabi Hart, Product Manager

My apprenticeship integrated academic learning with real workplace issues and so the course has already benefited many areas of my work. My final project was a piece of R&D work on the Emerald cases portfolio.

I could not have done this without Emerald’s support, both in terms of internal resources supporting on the projects I’ve worked on for my assignments and supporting me by giving me the flexibility to do this alongside my role as Product Manager. I think the course has put me in a solid position to progress my career and helps me consider business concerns outside my direct responsibility, including sustainability and more conscious decision-making techniques.    

Smart works

We're proud to support Smart Works, a UK-based charity committed to empowering women to succeed in the workforce.

Recognising the transformative power of self-confidence, Smart Works provides unemployed women with high-quality interview attire and personalised coaching to boost their chances of securing employment.

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