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Assurance of learning in business education

Quality Assurance in Education
This Special Issue will provide a broad opportunity for faculty practitioners, administrators, and researchers in business education to consider concepts, methods, systems, tools, techniques, and...
Guest editor(s)
Dr Jeffrey W Alstete, Peodair Leihy,

How to connect producers and consumers: Impacts of platforms on the design and the functioning of agri-food value chains?

International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management
The aim of this seminar is to explore to what extent the development of marketing platforms modifies the interactions between the actors of the agricultural sectors.
Guest editor(s)
Aubert Magali, Piot-Lepetit Isabelle,

Performance measurement of sustainability development in healthcare to serve human rights

International Journal of Human Rights in Healthcare
This Special Issue aims to attract world-leading research on how to develop and support the literature for sustainable development in healthcare to serve human rights.
Guest editor(s)
Prof. Dr. Mustafa M Matalgah, Mahmoud Abdel-Aty, S. Habib Mazharimousavi, Dr.  Husam Jasim Mohammed,

Digitalization and workplace health management: Opportunities and challenges for managers

International Journal of Workplace Health Management
This Special Issue is a call to deepen our understanding of managers’ experiences of digitalization and the management of workplace health.
Guest editor(s)
Christine Ipsen, Kathrin Kirchner,

Multidimensional Sustainability - Transitions and Convergences

International Journal of Innovation Science
This event seeks to highlight the set of interdisciplinary efforts to change the existing reality, supported by the affinity of ideas, knowledge and practices
Guest editor(s)
Rodrigo Cortopassi Goron Lobo, Jose Morais, Fernando Almeida,

Supply Chain Transparency: Opportunities, Challenges and Risks

International Journal of Operations & Production Management
This special issue aims to provide more round and rigorous studies to better identify and illustrate any transparency-related opportunity, challenge, and risk emerging in the extended supply chain.
Guest editor(s)
Fu Jia, Stefan Seuring, Lujie Chen, Jury Gualandris, Arash Azadegan,

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