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Employee Relations is a leading international academic journal focusing on the importance of understanding employment and HR challenges and debates within the context of contemporary national and international labour markets.

ISSN: 0142-5455
eISSN: 0142-5455

Aims and scope

Embedded understanding is key to merging organisational, management and employee needs to achieve optimum performance, commitment and effectiveness. International issues are covered in all areas of HR, employment and industrial relations. A stringent double-blind review of each paper is undertaken to ensure its relevance and validity. Employee Relations continuously receives, and welcomes, global authorship.

Over the course of its history Employee Relations has developed a reputation for publishing articles by the world’s leading academic thinkers on HRM, employment and industrial relations. It has also successfully combined this heritage with providing an accessible, rigorously assessed platform for early-career research. Its international scope and focus on contemporary employment issues within their institutional and national contexts is seen through individual articles and in the highly acclaimed Special Issues which facilitate more detailed treatment of prominent challenges and debates within the field of work and employment.


  • HRM
  • Employment/industrial relations management and reform
  • Communication, participation and involvement
  • Diversity and equal opportunities
  • Health, safety and well-being in the workplace
  • Industrial relations and employment protection law
  • Management of performance and rewards
  • Organisational change and people
  • Succession planning and the management of talent
  • Recruitment and selection
  • Quality of working life
  • Social media and the workplace


Today's turbulent business environment makes increasing demands on managers and workforces, as competitive standards rise and expectations of individuals increase. Understanding the decisions, attitudes and behaviours of the key stakeholders in the employment relationship within the national and international contexts in which they operate is crucial to responding positively to this ever-changing landscape.

Key benefits

The journal addresses key issues through authoritative, refereed papers by distinguished international academics and practitioners, Internet site critiques and publications. It suggests alternative strategies for improving working conditions and developing constructive relationships between managers and the workforce.

This journal supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As a leading social science publisher, we're passionate about leading change, and align everything we do with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our core area of focus is interdisciplinary research aligned with the SDGs, with four key goals in mind – Fairer society, Healthier lives, Responsible management, and Quality education for all – all of which are about creating real-world impact, at a time when it's needed most.

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