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The Fairer Society eJournal Collection has been carefully curated to provide a single resource with a dedicated focus on the key topics associated with this important area of research.


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What does a fairer society look like?

Our goal as a leading publisher of impactful research is to help create a society that is just, inclusive and embracing of all without any barriers to participation based on sex, sexual orientation, religion or belief, ethnicity, age, class or ability, where there is access to healthcare and education, technology, justice, strong institutions, peace and security, social protection, decent work and housing.

When we say simply, "That’s not fair!", we’re actually making a rather sophisticated determination that a situation or condition is unsustainable. At a visceral level, we appreciate there is no hierarchy of human rights. A fairer society relies on the pursuit of research to create solutions to sustain a world that leaves no-one behind.

Professor Wendy M. Purcell, Emerald’s Fairer Society goal advisor

What is included?

An annual subscription – includes perpetual access to content published in your subscription period, plus complementary access to selected archive content for the duration of your subscription.


Unique and truly multidisciplinary

The journals are taken from a range of subject disciplines to offer broad perspectives on the key issues.

  • Social justice
  • Racial disparities
  • Gender equity
  • Income inequalities
  • Human rights
  • Economic growth
  • Sustainable development
  • Food security
  • Social contract
  • Digital divide
  • Future generations
  • Freedom of choice
  • Climate justice
  • Levelling-up

Example articles

Recent article examples that demonstrate close alignment to UN Sustainable Development goals.

An evaluator’s reflections and lessons learned about gang intervention strategies: an agenda for research

Designed to critically review and analyse the body of research on a popular gang reduction strategy, implemented widely in the United States and a number of other countries

Journal of Aggression, Conflict & Peace Research


The need for new public policies to increase entrepreneurship and spur economic growth

Brings attention to the declining rate of entrepreneurship, its effect on the broader economy and the need for public policy solutions.

Journal of Entrepreneurship & Public Policy


Addressing food insecurity: a systemic innovation approach

Aims to question the utility of addressing food insecurity through food assistance programmes and by separating food security into pillars, and it argues for a systemic innovation and complexity approach.

Social Enterprise Journal


Diversity in disability: leaders’ accounts on inclusive employment in the Indian context

The study contributes to employer perspectives on workplace disability inclusion toward understanding the nuances of organizational dynamics and human perceptions.

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion


Impact of introducing e-commerce on small and medium enterprises – a case on logistics provider

Small and medium enterprises (SME) significantly alleviate poverty and generate employment to achieve sustainable economic growth.

Society and Business Review


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