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Healthier lives
Locked down by inequality: Why place matters for older people during COVID-19

Older people have borne the brunt of deaths from COVID-19, whether in hospital or in care homes and the full scale of related changes will not be known for some time. For now, it is evident that the coronavirus emergency sits alongside a crisis in many of the communities in which older people live.

Healthier lives
COVID-19 and deprivation: levelling upstream

Michael Calnan (University of Kent) and Tom Douglass (University of Ulster) discuss how the COVID-19 pandemic has brought into sharp focus the last decade of deteriorating public health, stalling life expectancies, and widening inequalities in England.

Healthier lives
Live and let die? Laissez-faire responses to the pandemic exacerbated unequal health usage

William Foley, European University Institute discusses the unequal impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on income, wealth and health, and the correlation of this with the intensity of governmental responses.

Real impact
Bridging the gap between research and practice – Management Decision "in motion"

Dr Wendy Chen On the new "In Motion" section of the Management Decision journal, which provides a platform through which management scholars and practitioners can have open dialogues with each other to ensure studies can have real-world impact.

Quality education for all
Higher education 4.0 – an opportunity to reimagine the future

Dr Ravi Sharma, Professor of Information Systems & Technology & Management at Zayed University discusses the future of higher education beyond the COVID-19 pandemic, suggesting a blended approach as the so-called 'next normal'.

Quality education for all
Real impact
Educational leadership in challenging times

Carol A. Mullen, Professor of Educational Leadership and Policy Studies at Virginia Tech, discusses educational leadership in challenging times.

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