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Fairer society
Why the sector must boost support for those working in Indigenous research
Researchers of Indigenous research need more opportunities to network and exchange ideas that will help advance the field, says Ana Luíza Rossato Facco
Real impact
Planning for impact with integrity
Paul Ashwin & Derek Heim explore how to approach planning for impact in a way that maintains academic integrity and helps to support our contributions to knowledge to make a difference to the world we inhabit.
Healthier lives
Can Aotearoa's (New Zealand's) Indigenous communities achieve sustainable health equity in the absence of widespread cultural reform?
Dr Amohia Boulton and Dr Tanya Allport, Whakauae Research for Māori Health and Development, New Zealand, discuss the alarming disparity between the health outcomes of Māori and Pākehā (non-Māori).
Quality education for all
Building trust with Indigenous communities
Ashley Richard discusses the history of unethical and harmful research that has created barriers between researchers and many Indigenous communities and what can be done to help overcome this.
Quality education for all
It’s the small things that matter: zine making as a creative approach within tertiary education
Dr Dianne Wepa discusses using a creative teaching approach to highlight strategies to address loneliness, particularly since a return to face-to-face teaching post COVID-19.
Quality education for all
'Coming out' – my disability disclosure dilemma
Throughout history, society has largely viewed disabilities as problems to be solved, rather than as accepted human variations. Find out more in this blog by Jennifer Elizabeth Marshall.
Responsible management
Three questions organisations should answer before attempting to indigenise the boardroom
Answers given by business leaders to these to these three important questions may reveal the need for a complete overhaul of a company's practices
Quality education for all
Black doctorates matter & the science of healing the academy
As the atrocities of slavery and injustice victimised Black and Brown bodies in the name of science in academia, the healing of the academy should be ushered through the Black and Brown academic experience.
Quality education for all
Reskilling etutors for quality facilitation in an open distance elearning environment: a South African experience
Social learning on connected platforms is the future of etutoring. Reskilling etutors is crucial to bridge the gap between educators and learners in ODeL environments.
Fairer society
Invisibility of Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Australians in boardrooms: A missed opportunity?
To move forward and to bloom with her true colours, Australian government needs to employ long-term, systematic, genuine and concerted efforts, partnership and planning to embrace Australia’s Indigenous heritage and cultures.
Responsible management
The whiteboard: ethnic diversity in corporate Australia
Should more stringent public, industry and governmental pressures be placed on Australian companies to compel them towards adopting a broader view of diversity beyond gender in their corporate leadership and governance?
Healthier lives
Educational equity & anti-bullying in Northern Ontario, Canada
Robyn O'Loughlin asks whether or not educators can critically evaluate their experiences, attitudes and assumptions and how these may impact the students they teach, particularly Indigenous students.
Mixed group of young people collaborating
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