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The aim of the International Journal of Organizational Analysis is to provide a robust and discursive forum for the study and analysis of organizations.

ISSN: 1934-8835
eISSN: 1934-8835

Aims and scope

International Journal of Organizational Analysis (IJOA) welcomes historical, contemporaneous and visionary discussions that provide insights into the phenomenon and practice of organization. With concern for the form of organizations, the IJOA seeks studies of, for example, private, public, voluntary, co-operative, military organizational situations. Equally, the journal welcomes explorations of "alternative", emergent and futuristic organizational dimensions and dynamics.  

In tandem with these foci, the IJOA invites analyses and commentaries engaging a wide range of disciplinary, inter-disciplinary, methodological, epistemological and ontological perspectives espousing normative and critical positions.

Above all, as an overarching and synthesizing aim, IJOA seeks to publish studies that identify and translate theoretical reflections in terms of their practical impacts and implications on business and society.  

The journal encourages:

  • (Critical) analyses of theory and its translation into practice into organizational contexts and disciplines including, for example, human resource management, organizational behaviour, strategic management, entrepreneurship;
  • Considered discussion of past, present and future constructs or concepts of organization and their implications for wider societal settings and contexts;
  • (Critical) discussion of  individuals, groups and communities in organizations e.g. organizational citizenship, behavior management, and employee experience;
  • ‘Alternative’ or interdisciplinary approaches to understanding and constructing organization;
  • Innovative methodological approaches to understanding organization.
  • (Critical) analyses of organizational issues in relation to revisiting, challenging and rephrasing issues of corporate governance, sustainability, organizational (in)justice, workplace democracy and representation, globalization, consumption, commodification and capitalistic perspectives of organizations.

(Inter-disciplinary) coverage

The IJOA welcomes papers that draw on, but not exclusively:

  • Organization theory
  • Organization behaviour
  • Organization development
  • Organizational learning
  • Strategic and change management
  • People in organizational contexts including human resource management and human resource development
  • Business and its interrelationship with society
  • Ethics and morals, spirituality


The International Journal of Organizational Analysis focuses on organization and its past, present and possible future forms. It maintains a broad coverage of topics but looks at the critical impact of disciplines as experienced by people in organizations and society with the aim of improving life in, and experience of, organizations. Rather than theory remaining primarily an exercise played out in the academy, the Journal is interested in developing the application of theory into practice.

This journal supports the UN Sustainable Development Goals

As a leading social science publisher, we're passionate about leading change, and align everything we do with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Our core area of focus is interdisciplinary research aligned with the SDGs, with four key goals in mind – Fairer society, Healthier lives, Responsible management, and Quality education for all – all of which are about creating real-world impact, at a time when it's needed most.

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