Open Call for Papers - Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching & Learning


Journal aims and scope

The Journal of Research in Innovative Teaching and Learning (JRIT&L) invites submissions based on research topics, such as: new pedagogic theories, approaches, systems and policies; innovative educational technologies; online/distance/hybrid and mobile modalities; effective instructional methodologies; accelerated, short-term, and intensive methods of teaching and learning; autonomous, self-directed and individual learning; communication, interaction, collaboration and cooperation in education; adult leaning; psychology of learning, the learner and the group; cost and time efficiency of education; education and employment; and social and cultural issues of education.

JRIT&L publishes research on emerging trends, such as: the growth of the working adult learners (WALs) (24-49 and older) age group and the need for a college educated workforce; the diversification of educational providers (public, private, non-profit, for-profit and its downward trend), big data, data analytics, and the combination of administrative and academic data to predict student success and organizational intervention; emerging modalities and optimization; changing regulation and accreditation accountability; and the high cost of education, with the propensity toward tuition differential to reflect labour market reality.

JRIT&L highly encourages research from an interdisciplinary perspective in the fields of cognitive psychology and neuroscience, and their role in learning. Social science perspectives, including philosophy, anthropology, economics, history, law, management, political science, sociology, and international and comparative education research are invited.

JRIT&L publishes high-quality research that uses the appropriate methodological approach to answer the research question. Literature review, theory building, ethnographic account, quantitative and qualitative analysis, mixed methods, and formal econometric modelling are appropriate for JRIT&L.

Case studies, action orientated, and applied research are welcome

Benefits of submitting to this journal

• Wide visibility of the research published: All articles will be published and made freely available – using the Open Access CC-BY 4.0 Creative Commons Attribution licence.

• Fast publication: Once accepted, individual articles are typeset, proofed and published online as the Version of Record within an average of 32 days.

• Enhanced discoverability: Articles published in the Journal are given global visibility and accessibility via – an industry leading research platform with enhanced search and discoverability through enriched metadata and search engine optimization.

Submission procedure

Papers should be submitted electronically online via the JRIT&L submission system at:

JRIT&L accepts manuscripts of 15-25 pages typed in Word 12 pt with one interval. Before submitting your article, please read the aims and scope of the journal to ensure your article is suitable and visit the author guidelines for the journal.

Articles will only be considered for publication if they have followed the author guidelines.


Questions about registering and uploading your manuscript? Please contact Editor-in-Chief: Dr Zhonghe Wu ([email protected])