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Once we've received the final manuscript and accompanying documentation, our editorial team will check the submission for any issues and ensure it's ready to start production. You'll be contacted by your book project editor to confirm your print publication date and information regarding proofs.

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Your introductory email from the production department will set out the projected schedule and guidelines on how to mark up your corrections using Adobe Reader. If you don't have access to Adobe, please let the project manager know.

All books undergo a light copyedit which will check grammar, punctuation, spelling and consistency.

In order for our copyeditors and compositors to copyedit and typeset your book to the author requirements we'll need to know a few things, such as preference on spelling and punctuation, any specific requests on copyediting intervention, instructions on image sizing or preferences regarding placement, heading formatting, etc.

Author proofs

When the final manuscript has been copyedited and typeset, your proofs will be sent out. Please confirm receipt of the email containing your proofs, so we know that you've received it and that we have your correct email address.

You'll be asked to answer any queries the copyeditor has raised, and to check through the text for the last time before publication. Corrections should be kept to a minimum at this stage, with no more than 10% of the text edited. Please mark up your corrections using the highlight and comment tools in Adobe Reader; see the below screenshot for an example of what this will look like in practice:

Example proof

The table below displays the timeframe for returning author corrections, depending on the length of schedule of publication for the book. This will be your only chance to check over and correct the proofs before your book is published. If you are unsure of the production schedule for your book, please ask your production project manager.

  3-month schedule 4-month schedule 6-month schedule
Turnaround time for author proofs 1 week 2 weeks 5 weeks


Using the 50–100 key terms you have submitted, our typesetter will create your index and send it to you as part of your proofs, so please check over the entries for relevance. The index will have a string of numbers after each entry, using the indexing programme; these will then become the page numbers.

Full-cover proof

During the proofing stage, your full-cover proof (including full-cover design and back-cover copy) will be sent from the publishing assistant. No design changes can be made at this stage (you'll have previously approved the design), so we ask that you please only make changes to spelling/grammar, and approve the cover within two weeks


Final checks & publication

Once your corrections have been incorporated, the production department will complete an in-house check before the book is sent to our printers and published on our website

The book production process

From manuscript handover to publication

Once you've submitted your manuscript, it's time for us to get to work on the task of publishing your book.

There are a number of stages involved, so we thought it would be worth setting them out here. If you're not sure where you are in this process, or how it works, just get in touch with your production project manager.

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