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Read about the people who'll be in touch with you during the book production process, and what they do, and find contact details for our publishers.

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Your primary contacts


Your publisher (aka commissioning editor) is your main contact for your book, from prior to contract, to after your book publishes. They will have already worked with you to guide you through the proposal peer-review process and in agreeing contract terms. They will continue to champion your book within Emerald throughout production and publication. If you have queries regarding manuscript delivery extensions, manuscript length, ordering bulk copies, or conference collateral please contact your publisher.

See list of publishers

Publishing assistant

Your publishing assistant works closely with the Publisher and will issue your countersigned contract. They will check in regularly with you to work on your cover design and blurb. They will also be able to help with endorsements, royalty payments, and peer review.

Book project editor

The book project editor supports your publisher and will be the person you will hear from most from when your book is contracted to your book being submitted to our production team. During this time, your Book Project Editor will check in regularly with you to see how the manuscript is progressing. They will be able to handle any queries you may have whilst writing your manuscript, including permissions issues, figures, tables and illustrations, style and formatting, and supporting documents.

The book project editor is responsible for preparing the manuscript for production; ensuring that it is complete, clean and that all editorial requirements are communicated clearly to the production team. As above, please contact your publisher to discuss manuscript delivery extensions or changes to the manuscript length. You will be notified by your book project editor when your manuscript is handed over to our production team, at which time they will confirm the expected publication date and the estimated date at which first proofs will be delivered.

Finally, the book project editor also handles the post-publication process so if you have queries about your complimentary copies please contact your book project editor.

Content development editor

Your content development editor manages and oversees the book project editor. They act as a point of escalation for any issues pertaining to rights and permissions. You may never directly communicate with the content development editor, but they will ensure that the book runs smoothly whilst with Emerald.


Amber Stone-Galilee
Editor, D&I and Policy
Fairer Society, Responsible Management

Gender & Sexuality
Race & Ethnicity
Disability Studies
Public Administration
Public Policy
Political and Economic Sociology
Social Policy
Labor and Labor Movements 


Katy Mathers
Editor, Sociology 
Fairer Society

Sport and Leisure (serial, not active commission)
Social Theory
Research Methods
Family Studies
Childhood and Youth
Work and Organizations
Development and Human Rights
Class and Social Stratification
Social Movement Studies
Poverty and Social Welfare
Environmental Sociology
Urban Sociology
Sociology of Ageing


Fiona Allison

Ops &  Lops 
Management Science (incl. environmental management)
Regional Management


Niall Kennedy

Sport & Leisure
Tourism & Hospitality
Organizational Behavior
International Business
Future of Work
Economics of Vice


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Post-submission & typesetting

Once we have received the final manuscript and accompanying documentation, our Editorial team will check the submission for any issues and ensure it is ready to start production.

Promoting your book

On this page you’ll find details of everything we do to get your book noticed, and how your understanding of your research and the people who will use it can help to maximise the effect of marketing activity.