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New journal in 2024!

Mental Health and Digital Technologies (MHDT) is a new international, multidisciplinary journal providing a forum for research and discussion on digital innovations and technologies for use in mental health care and training.

ISSN: 2976-8756
eISSN: 2967-8756

Aims and scope

Digital innovations and technologies are increasingly a more prevalent part of mental health care provision and so research into their reach, efficacy, implications and value grows ever more important. Mental Health and Digital Technologies (MHDT) journal provides a much-needed, specialised outlet for this research and also for broader discussion about the use of digital innovations and technologies for the prevention and treatment of mental health problems.

In the video below, listen to the editors giving an overview of MHDT which provides a forum for research and discussion on digital innovations and technologies for use in mental health care and training.

Digital technologies for use in mental health care are multifaceted and the journal’s coverage reflects this, going beyond merely digitised versions of traditional face-to-face treatments. Topics and areas of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Digital innovations for the delivery of mental health care (including: computerised cognitive behaviour therapy (CCBT); online support groups; telephone-based counselling; app-based services; serious and therapeutic games; and interventions utilising virtual and augmented reality).
  • User-centred and participatory design in digital mental health care.
  • Digital literacy and healthcare accessibility/inclusivity using digital tools.
  • Artificial intelligence-powered systems, predictive tools and chatbots.
  • Ethical, practical and empirical issues regarding digital mental health care practices.
  • Digital treatments as outpatient services and early-intervention/preventative tools; ecological momentary assessment and intervention.
  • Digital training tools for mental healthcare professionals.
  • Dynamic network tools.

MHDT aims to be practical in nature, drawing out implications for future research, policy and practice. It provides an important platform to present and discuss research on a number of areas of digital mental health care, from initial evaluations of novel interventions to protocols for ongoing research, and discussion of the empirical, ethical and practical challenges facing work in this fast-moving area of interest. The journal is relevant for a multidisciplinary author and reader base consisting of academics, researchers, practising mental health care providers, developers of digital innovations, trainee service providers and service commissioners (among others).


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