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Management of Environmental Quality is an international forum designed to examine factors that impact the environment, their consequences, and how to manage them

ISSN: 1477-7835
eISSN: 1477-7835

Aims and scope

Advanced technologies and products, with their chemical and energy emphasis, and the intensive industrial and farming practices needed to support a voracious population have created massive prosperity. However, they have also caused deterioration in health and the emergence of disabling and killer diseases. Management of Environmental Quality (MEQ) adopts an inter-disciplinary approach to the problem of managing the environment and up-keeping good quality standards to reduce the deleterious effects of human activities.

By analyzing ways in which industrial and agricultural bodies can take preventative and remedial action to reduce pollution, the use of chemicals and eliminate the problem of hazardous waste products—in other words, managing our environment responsibly – the journal presents major research findings, warnings of potential health dangers, and suggestions for different practices to safeguard our environment and health. Environmental governance faces new challenges with the widespread use of artificial intelligence and digital technology, worldwide sustainable development is experiencing exogenous shocks as technological innovation, energy transition and uncertainty have significant impacts on environmental management. It also encourages international liaison, assessment, and cooperation.

Authors are invited to submit papers from the following areas:

  • Big data and environment
  • Carbon neutrality and reduction
  • Digital economy and green finance
  • Environmental quality and assessment
  • Ecology and sustainability
  • Environmental regulation and policy assessment
  • Energy transition and modeling
  • Industry 4.0 and agriculture 4.0
  • Marine ecology
  • Pollution and waste management
  • Renewable energy and cleaner production
  • Resources management and policy
  • Stress and disease